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message 1: by Shaun (new) - added it

Shaun (shaunjeffrey) | 2 comments Just wondering whether anyone would be interested in an ebook review copy of the Prosper Snow series, which features both books in the series, The Kult and Killers.

The Kult has been filmed by an independent production company (no release details yet) and Killers has progressed to the second round of the International Thriller Writers 2012 Thriller Awards.

I can supply a copy in most ebook formats or send a coupon code to download it for free from Smashwords.

The Kult

People are predictable. That's what makes them easy to kill.

Out of misguided loyalty, police officer Prosper Snow is goaded into helping his friends perform a copycat killing, but when the real killer comes after him, it's not only his life on the line, but his family's too. Now if he goes to his colleagues for help, he risks being arrested for murder. If he doesn't, he risks being killed.


Murder makes monsters of people. Prosper Snow knows that better than most. Now he’s back on the trail of another serial killer, only this time there’s far more to the case than meets the eye. Thwarted at every turn, Prosper unwittingly uncovers a human experiment more monstrous than anything he could ever imagine. Now the only way to crack the case is to work from the inside and join a shadowy government agency that operates outside the law. Only he might be too late as the experiment has spiralled out of control.

"Shaun Jeffrey hits one out of the park with this creepy, character-driven thriller that starts with a jolt, stays in the fast lane, and plunges into the darkest territory of the human mind." --Jonathan Maberry, author of PATIENT ZERO

"Part mystery, part police procedural, part horror story, it's one thrilling ride." --Nate Kenyon, author of THE REACH

"The Kult is a creeping stalk through a shadowy labyrinth of thrills and terror. Shaun Jeffrey delivers a pulse-pounding novel of superb skill and unequivocal horror." --Jon F. Merz author of PARALLAX and the Lawson Vampire novels.

message 2: by Laurie (new)

Laurie   (barklesswagmore) I read it recently and it's a great read with lots of surprises. The accolades up there are true ;)

My review:


message 3: by Shaun (new) - added it

Shaun (shaunjeffrey) | 2 comments BarkLessWagMore wrote: "I read it recently and it's a great read with lots of surprises. The accolades up there are true ;)

My review:


Thanks for that. This edition features both books, so twice as many thrills :)

message 4: by Betti (new)

Betti | 1 comments I have a nook but would be interested in reading these books. They sound very interesting...something that both my husband and myself would be interested in trying.

message 5: by Alice (new)

Alice Dinizo (JBDiNizo) | 38 comments If anyone would be interested in reviewing my "Comings and Goings, a Story of the New Jersey Pinelands" I will donate to Lines on the Pines in your honor. If anyone would review "Bay House", I will donate in your honor to the Barnegat Bay Foundation. I can send pdf's of both books to you. Thanks and have a good weekend, Alice D

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