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Writers Who Are Inspired by Queens

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Beckie Lily's Crossing by Patricia Riley Giff. Ms. Giff spent her summers in the Rockaways as a child. And won a Newbery honor for this book. I met her at an author event and when she found out I live in queens and swim at the Rockaways she talked to me for ten minutes about how much she loved the area.

Amazon.com Review
Lily's blissful summer of 1944 comes to a rude halt when her father is drafted into the military. Left alone with her grandmother in the family's summer home
Set in Rockaway, New York, Lily befriends Albert, a shy Hungarian refugee her own age. Narrator Mia Dillon convincingly conveys the emotional complexity of both children, capturing the urgency and doubt that arise from Lily's internal dialogue and providing a sensitive portrayal of Albert, complete with Hungarian accent. Albert's tentativeness and sorrow are apparent to the listener long before Lily can fully understand his painful experiences in war-torn Europe.

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Gennady | 5 comments Our Queensview book club has read E.L. Doctorow's Wordl's Fair a few wekks ago.Doctorow is usually not associated with Queens but a part of this book is set in Flushing Meadows -- the site of the 1939 World Fair. It is a moving and unpretentious account of growing up in the 1930s NYC. Our members had good time recalling their experiences at the Fair and comparing them to the ones described in Doctorow's novel.

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Beckie oh, thanks for the tip. My husband will love to read this book!

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