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Does anyone eles hate harry potter?

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Celeste I hate him!what about you?

Xenon Harry Potter the character? Yes.
I can't stand him until Deathly Hallows.

Rachel When I read the series Harry Potter was a little thick in the head. Like when he and Malfoy were caught doing something bad Harry would always get into worse trouble than MAlfoy.

Ciara No! :)

Micaela I found that Harry had a hard time thoughout the entire series I mean he lived with people who hated him someone was trying to kill him he may not be the best character but he wasnt the worst.

Ananda Sivi i dont think i hate him, but i cant say i like him..

Trekscribbler Don't hate him, but, as I've written elsewhere, I've never made it past the first book, which I found horribly boring.

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