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Consider Phlebas (Culture, #1)
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space opera recommendations

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Caeruleum | 2 comments so searching for some fine space opera written not so long ago
e.g. choosing right now from Consider Phlebas and The Reality Dysfunction
which one would you prefer?

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Well, I haven't read these books but I looked at several reviews and stuff for each.

Consider Phlebas: clear-cut space opera but allegedly written by the very master of the genre. However, many of his fans felt it was far from being the best of his works. Pacing may be an issue. Many people felt he tried to go about the spacefaring genre but failed, leaving in few exciting action scenes. Others actually liked these aspects.

The Reality Dysfunction: Although showered with praise, several people felt it was far too long and dragged on a bit. Also, the lead character was rather cliched. Seems to be a love-or-hate situation, with many people who seem to dislike longer books left disinterested, but the other camp loving it. This had less criticism than the former, I reckon.

So, uhh... I'll leave you to judge for yourself son!

Bernd Mustermann | 5 comments I only know Consider Phlebas. Read it 5 years ago or so... It's a long book, but didn't give lots of answers. The action and the storytelling was fine, though. All in all I would see it as a introduction into the Culture-books. You only get a few ideas about this whole complex.
Well, I'll continue reading the rest of the books, when I've more time and feel like reading Sci-Fi more, because the idea behind the Culture seems to be amazing :3

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Mexiball | 3 comments About this gender I only know Asimov books, The Foundation series to be precise, not-so-long stories, the perfect amount of action and autism :3

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Victoria | 3 comments Having only read the Culture novels, I'd go with Consider Phlebas.

Caeruleum | 2 comments looks like it will be neither Banks nor Hamilton
gonna try The Golden Age

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