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Tana (tana_t) | 14665 comments Mod
Steven Stickler The Absolutely Amazing Adventures of Agent Auggie Spinoza by Steven Stickler

Genre: Children's & Young Adult
Middle grade fiction (age 8-12+)

The Absolutely Amazing Adventures of Agent Auggie Spinoza

Book Description

Auggie Spinoza is a ten-year-old boy with a secret: he is a special agent who can travel through time. Now, he finds himself locked in a desperate battle against evil forces trying to change the course of history. To defeat them, Auggie must pursue a dangerous quest to find a set of mysterious clues hidden in the past.

With the help of a clever new friend and advice from a cast of famous characters with names like Jefferson, Darwin, and Plato, Auggie fights to fulfill his destiny and save his world from ruin. Along the way, he learns the importance of thinking clearly and shows the awesome power of a code-breaking, book-loving, time-traveling ten-year-old with a talent for being in the right place at the right time (and doing the right thing).

Be one of the first 5 people to sign up below in order to receive a free copy of this ebook to Read and Review! All Reviews should be posted on Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.

Formats available: Mobi, Pdf

All reviews should be completed and posted within 3 weeks after you recieve your copy of the ebook.

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Fiona (Titch) Hunt (titch) PDF and mine is

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Tana (tana_t) | 14665 comments Mod
sent in your request Fiona.

message 4: by Steven (last edited Mar 30, 2012 09:41AM) (new)

Steven Stickler Thanks for the interest Fiona. Just sent an email with file attached. Looking forward to the review. Enjoy!

(2/28 edit) All: please send me a PM with requests. Sometimes I overlook the notifications. :-)

(3/30 edit) With the release of the paperback version, I will no longer be making review copies of the ebook available through the group. A sincere thanks to the moderators and all group members for contributing to such a great program. If you are a blogger focusing on middle grade fiction and wish to arrange a review/interview please contact me directly. Thanks!

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