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Getting to know you. (To all New members...)

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I am Alan. Of course. I am a guy. XD.

Im a guy with many dreams. I dunno waht to say but i'll say this. I m a good poet. And a good friend

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i'm Nyx.

i'm just a girl.

no idea what to say

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Oh its okkieh I didn't either.

Ty Rhodes*RockyHorrorAmore* (imjusthidingmyhate) | 38 comments I am Ty Rhodes. Im 17. I dunno if i can makes thing fun...LMAO jk,.

Im a person that likes black and white pictures. ANd I hate stuff animals...not all just some.

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Aye ppls I have to go...Hopefully 2morrow is good :D

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and Hey Ty... XD

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Ty Rhodes*RockyHorrorAmore* (imjusthidingmyhate) | 38 comments See ya dude. Man leaving earlie. Lmao.

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Hi everyone, I'm Haley .
Imma girl .
& I dont have very high expectations, I'll be friends with pretty much everyone . & yuu should know that I'm not as strong as everyone thinks I am . I get hurt pretty easily .
But other than that, I think Im fairly easy to get along with & fun to talk to . I dunno ... I've never talked to myself . xD

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☠Thesie† (cubebuffy) | 5 comments I am Teresita also known as Thesie.

I play guitar and I am anime lover. So yeah I read a bit. And....I dunno what else.

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Ty Rhodes*RockyHorrorAmore* (imjusthidingmyhate) | 38 comments suP? Peoples

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we not people ty. We are ppls with names XD

Ty Rhodes*RockyHorrorAmore* (imjusthidingmyhate) | 38 comments Oh same...

Dude yesh I think i know that cause i was born with a chosen name as well you and every human in this planets as well tha animals...So you dont mind if i explain all of it...Yeah.


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I wasnt born with a name .

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oh really Haley? So your starnger Unknown?Lmao

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FreakingAmazingMonster wrote: "oh really Haley? So your starnger Unknown?Lmao"

yes ! I know my new name now !!! thanks (:

Ty Rhodes*RockyHorrorAmore* (imjusthidingmyhate) | 38 comments im puzzled...Or is it that Im left out...Hmm nice. -.-'

Shame on peoples

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Ill fill yuu in !
I was asking him yesterday what I should change my name too
& he said keep it as bring haley the horizon & now I got a new one !!(:

Ty Rhodes*RockyHorrorAmore* (imjusthidingmyhate) | 38 comments Ohhh good. I'll change mine laters. Like a year later..haha Sike Hmmm Alan

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Ty Rhodes*RockyHorrorAmore* (imjusthidingmyhate) | 38 comments hmmm,where's alan....Hmmm maybe talking to his sister hahaa

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Naw Im not talking to her im trying to find clothes for 2morrow.

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plans his outfits (; woww . lmao . jk.

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yesh im very formal about that n neat

Ty Rhodes*RockyHorrorAmore* (imjusthidingmyhate) | 38 comments oh thats lame dude.

Sike...And Im not gay saw the status. I'll play you tooo. Soon not now. Anoooo i could.

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hes not gay !!! meanie !:3

thats cute !

Ty Rhodes*RockyHorrorAmore* (imjusthidingmyhate) | 38 comments hahah war gay vs straight.

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i am JK>
Im not.

really TY? ur childish side coming here too>...<

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i'll say ur gay.

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Ty Rhodes*RockyHorrorAmore* (imjusthidingmyhate) | 38 comments mhmmm To Alan side I'll say your Bi NAw ur full gay Bleh blah meh and naw

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lol :P

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SethVioTra (justinnightmarehatesya) | 3 comments And seth here I dont need ya talking or adding me tehre...I'll killa bothies XD MAHAHWHAW

hai :3

Onyxia The Dragon Hi.I'm Victoria,but you can call me Via.

Ty Rhodes*RockyHorrorAmore* (imjusthidingmyhate) | 38 comments MayDay SkiehHigher wrote: "And seth here I dont need ya talking or adding me tehre...I'll killa bothies XD MAHAHWHAW

hai :3"

we wont since ur a little kiddo LMAO

Onyxia The Dragon Hi.

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MayDay SkiehHigher wrote: "And seth here I dont need ya talking or adding me tehre...I'll killa bothies XD MAHAHWHAW

hai :3"


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dont lmao ... I dont think thats safe ..... or possible ? XD

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SethVioTra (justinnightmarehatesya) | 3 comments oh wow really Haley

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