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Were you satisfied with the male lead? **Spoilers**
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Ok I know Mr. Mallery turned out to be a murderer, but putting that aside if he didn't turn out to be a cold-blooded murderer would you have liked Charlotte to end up with him instead of Eddie?

I'm really curious if some people wish she ended up with Mallery instead of Eddie (excluding any murder) because I thought that she was going to end up with Mr. Mallery but I kept thinking through the whole book how I wish that she would end up with Eddie. So I'm very glad Mallery turned out to be the bad guy!

So would you have chosen Eddie or Mr. Mallery? (if he wasn't a murderer)

OK I'll admit it, I did like Mr. Mallery better at first, I am a sucker for a dark, brooding guy. The entire time I reading the part where he was trying to kill her I kept thinking "It's got to be part of the play acting or maybe part of the colonel's mystery and I was sad to discover that that was not the case. But I got over it and am happy with the way it turned out, Eddie is a good guy.

I loved Eddie best. Sure Mallery was the classic "Rochester" of the book (too dark for an Austen male lead!) but he was way deep in it lol. It was really cool how Hale let him resolve "his story" in the book by kissing Charlotte and trying to make it right in his head.
But hands down, Eddie was just so hot. I totally loved their banter the whole time, joking about being siblings. While it was obvious they were attracted from the start. It was a pleasant surprise and better than the first Austenland book I thought. Because Hale kept throwing us for such a loop I really couldn't predict how it was going to turn out.
Was Mallery really the killer or was it Eddie? Or any of the guys? lol

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I did like Mallery more as a love interest and Eddie seemed like more of a buddy. But of course at the end I much preferred her to be with Eddie than Mallery! I also agree with Amy that I prefer Austenland to this one.

I didn't see the Mr. Mallery twist coming at all

I loved Eddie. I liked Mallery at first, and I was really hoping that he didn't turn out to be the murderer, but I actually liked Eddie better for Charlotte.

I loved Eddie from the being and thought that the author was going to have them end up together so that it would be diffrent from the first book.

I didn't mind that she ended up with Eddie but I was disappointed that Mallery ended up as a crazy murderer.

I was rooting for Mallery. I expected her to end up with Eddie because of the similarity to Mansfield Park but Mr. Darcy has always been my favorite Austen hero. Eddie was just too nice - he had no mystery. Maybe that's why I preferred the first Austenland book to the second.

Mr. Mallery seemed to really like Charlotte, but he was always so... dark and moody. I've never been the kind of person to like that much. When Eddie confessed that he loved Charlotte, I was doing a little happy dance inside. lol. So I would choose Eddie again in a heartbeat, although, I have to admit, I did NOT see that happening until it did!

Animalia I agree, he seemed different to me then Mr. Nobley. Mr. Nobley seemed like he was just in a pity party and needed someone to cheer him up and to me Mr ...more
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