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TV Series v.s. Books
Emily Emily Feb 14, 2012 06:24PM
Is anybody else mad that they changed the tv series and it isn't like the books at all??!!!?? I mean they don't even have the little sister, they changed it to a brother! Plus, they changed what Elena looked like and her aunt's name and I could go on.... Point being they could've just made a series instead of based off a book becuase I don't really see the books in the tv show.:(

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I read the books well before the show was made. The Awakening and The Struggle was good then the series went in the toliet! The show is a HUGE improvement!!! If the books were more like the show, they would have been wonderful.

Alisha I agree I stopped reading after the 3rd or 4th book! I lost interest in it!! the show is WAY better! The actors give justice to every character!!
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I have been watching the tv show since it first aired myself and when i went to read Vampire Diaries after getting the for Christmas. And i was so damn confuse! Everything was different and like what Emily the list could go on and on how different it is. But i rather like the tv show better then the book. The book plot is ok not horribly bad but not mind blowing awesome either. But the tv show was crazy as hell and i never know whats going to happen. Always on the egde of my seat to unlike the book. Sorry L.J. Smith. -shrug-

The books suck lemons!!!
The Tv show is by far superior to the books.

I love the Tv show and I'm so glad it's nothing like the books! ;-)

I also read the books before the Tv show even existed.....and it really is a terrible series.

Alejandra Zamora I liekd both the book and the Tv show, but i do have to agree with you. they show is alot better because it is more than just about a love triangle. I ...more
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I followed the TV Show since the first day it was aired. I started eagerly finding for the books to find out what will happen in season 4 only to find out that the books had a utterly different version. I must tell you that the show's version was alot better. But I still love both of them except for the fact that Elena had a sister in the books, I prefer Jeremy Gilbert. Anyway I am still reading the books hoping to get a gist of season 4.
Coz I really can't wait for it !!!

I had originally thought the books were better, but they got too drawn out.
I wish they would have stuck with the character's from the books for the tv show because we missed out on some key factors.
I hope Elena is a vampire longer in the show vs. the book.

I think it was a SUPER good idea they changed it. The books were so damn boring compared to the TV series. A huge improvement, really, the way they changed facts and stuff. Yes, the books were total goners.

they had to make it different so it would appeal to a larger population. and Elena is kind of a snob and a character in a show cant be a snob because in the first episode, people have to like the main character in order to keep watching the show.

The Books are better. Without the books, there'd be no show. =P

The Books are better anyways. The show's gone downhill lately and is just too complicated now. The Books are an breath of fresh air compared to the show.

Personally... I think the tv show was a great improvement on these books - which I thought were boring and lacking a lot. The tv crew had some decent vision when it came to scouting the books.

Personally I think Vampire Academy has far more going for it, surprised this made it to the screen before any interest was found in VA (something I hope stays as books, btw. Bringing novels to the screen in most cases ruins the story)

Emily wrote: "Is anybody else mad that they changed the tv series and it isn't like the books at all??!!!?? I mean they don't even have the little sister, they changed it to a brother! Plus, they changed what El..."
I get what you're saying and to some extent I agree but the show seems to have captured my interest more. It got too wild with the Shinichi stuff and Elena having wings but I do understand what you're we have no guidelines as to what is going to happen!

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The show is a whole lot better than the books. The books and the show are like totally oppisite.. I read the first couple of the books and really couldn't get into them....


I read the books when they first came out in the 1990's and really believe the show has screwed it up. Same with the Secret Circle. The books were awesome, tv show made me ill.... :)

I have only read the first two books. I tried reading the other books but I just could not get into it. However the show, is awesome!


I started following the tv show since it first aired. Afterwards I got the books as a gift. I've read the first 2, and I am sorry to say, but the books are a waste of time! The story was to far fetched and the characters were mere shadows of the characters in the tv series.

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