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RP here. This is where cats gather under a truce and share news with other cats.

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Runningstar headed towards great rock

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Talonclaw followed. Leafbreeze bounded away to talk to some other warriors

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Flightfang looked up at Silverstar then padded away to her friends.

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Sliverstar trotted over to Runningstar. Talonclaw went off to join Blackclaw. Smokepaw saw Brightpaw and went over to her. (all the cats just talk they dont get on highrock)

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I know but the leaders go and when its time they do call for it))
Flamepaw narrowed his eyes seeing smokepaw. Sapphirepaw trotted after smokepaw.

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Smokepaw mewed, "Hi!" Brightpaw smiled, "Hey." She flicked her tail and his ear playfully. "So, had any fights lately?" Smokepaw meowed to Flamepaw. (there under a truce so they cant be mean or anything)

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((i know))
Flamepaw still kept his narrowed gaze on him,"Yea why?"

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Flightfang padded up, a smile on her face.

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Smokepaw smirked, "No reason..."

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Flightfang twitched her ear. Flamepaw looked up.

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Smokepaw sat down, Brightpaw's tail twitched

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Flightfang cleared her throat and said,"I got my warrior name."

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Smokepaw rolled his eyes. Brightpaw bounced around the new warrior, "Cool!"

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Flightfamg smiled,"Thanks." She bumped Smokepaw gently,"Brighten up."

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(two weeks later Runningstar is dead and talonstar is leader and his deputy is leafbreeze. and it is leaf-bare, back to the camp))

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Chloe featherfang trotted to the other warriors to say hi

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Flightfang greeted him a bright smile on her face.

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