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message 1: by Jason (new)

Jason Snell (jasonsnell) | 45 comments Mod
We're going to talk about
The Magicians, The Night Circus, and probably Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell in the next book club, the one AFTER the After the Apocalypse. ;-)

message 2: by Chad (new)

Chad Kohalyk (chadkoh) | 19 comments Sweet! I have been hoping you all would talk about Strange & Norrell (which I think deserves its own ep, especially considering it is a massive friggin tome.)

message 3: by Scott (new)

Scott McNulty (blankbaby) | 15 comments Mod
I hope Harry Potter isn't mentioned during this book club.

message 4: by Chancerubbage (new)

Chancerubbage | 3 comments I like "The Prestige" by Christopher Priest, and
"Carter Beats The Devil" by Glen David Gold as stories with a foot
In the real histories of Stage Magic. Jim Steinmeyer's non-fiction "The Last
Greatest Magician in the World" ties in rather closely with Gold's book.

message 5: by Tim (new)

Tim | 13 comments I gave up on The Magicians, but I love Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. I bought the latter again in Kindle form after lending out my trade paperback to my sister. I've picked up the audiobook of The Night Circus, but haven't got around to it yet.

message 6: by Chad (new)

Chad Kohalyk (chadkoh) | 19 comments Tim wrote: "I gave up on The Magicians.

Don't say that! I just got the Magicians audiobook but haven't started it yet.

message 7: by Tim (new)

Tim | 13 comments I had heard good things about it so I tried the audiobook. I had mixed feelings about the Brakebills portion, but I gave up shortly after they graduated, because I hated that portion.

message 8: by Jason (new)

Jason Snell (jasonsnell) | 45 comments Mod
I really liked it, Chad, so don't let Tim get you down. He's totally wrong. ;-)

message 9: by Janice (new)

Janice (archergal) | 10 comments Chad wrote: "Tim wrote: "I gave up on The Magicians.

Don't say that! I just got the Magicians audiobook but haven't started it yet."

I read The Magicians and liked it reasonably well. I do think the second book is a little weaker.

message 10: by Tim (new)

Tim | 13 comments I can understand why people might like The Magicians. Up until graduation, I would have probably rated it 3 stars.There were things I really liked and things I didn't. I'd probably like it again if I could have pushed past the part I hated. It just went on too long for my taste.

message 11: by Chad (new)

Chad Kohalyk (chadkoh) | 19 comments Thanks for the encouragement all. Be interesting to see if I can recognize the part you hate Tim.

Just dawned on me but American Gods could be added to this list. Or maybe a future Gaiman podcast?

message 12: by Tim (new)

Tim | 13 comments I'd rather a Gaiman podcast instead of just a podcast on American Gods. I've read the book on multiple occasions (most recently I tried the new full-cast production of it), but I've always found it to be kind of okay, rather than good. It's that it's just kind of meandering and nothing really happens for a long time. It's the only Gaiman novel I've read that I don't love. Although, I find Sandman a bit of hit and miss, some is wonderful, other parts aren't, but that's expected in a long comic series.

message 13: by Jason (new)

Jason Snell (jasonsnell) | 45 comments Mod
Tim, I agree that The Magicians has a problem in the middle -- I would almost have preferred if it were two books, with a more clear ending as they graduate from school, and then a second book about post-graduation. It seemed like neither story was told as fully as it could have been.

That said, I did enjoy the second part, especially since I read all the Narnia books as a kid.

As for Gaiman, I agree, we should talk Gaiman. Unfortunately I have only read a little bit of Sandman, but I read (and loved) American Gods and really liked Anansi Boys, and I LOVED The Graveyard Book. Also, Neverwhere is on my Kindle.

message 14: by Tim (new)

Tim | 13 comments I was looking forward to the second part the whole book, but I never got to the Narnia-like part, because I got bogged down right before it.

I think The Graveyard Book is Gaiman's best book, although I really liked Neverwhere, Stardust, and Anansi Boys.

message 15: by Jason (new)

Jason Snell (jasonsnell) | 45 comments Mod
So, wait, what bogged you down? The period in the house in New York where there's a bit of bedroom drama?

message 16: by Tim (new)

Tim | 13 comments Yes, that's where I got bogged down. I hated that part so I stopped reading.

message 17: by Niel (new)

Niel Bornstein (nbornstein) | 3 comments So I just finished The Magicians, and I have to say I agree with most of the previous comments. The Brakebills section seemed very derivative, even consciously so -- although there were some twists to break the Harry Potter mold. The New York aimlesslness was incredibly painful, but I'm glad I broke through to the Fillory section, which had a few good surprises. The ultimate Watcherwoman reveal wasn't a total surprise, I have to say, but I still found it a worthwhile read overall.

Now on to Strange & Norell!

message 18: by Chad (new)

Chad Kohalyk (chadkoh) | 19 comments I just finished it like 30 mins ago. NY is pretty dire, but it is a good example of Grossman turning the screw and exploring the situation, taking it to a logical(?) extreme, as seems to me to be the whole point of the book. Anyways, the later bits are worth it. Will definitely pick up The Magician King. But first, Night Circus!

message 19: by Janice (new)

Janice (archergal) | 10 comments FWIW, in the audiobook version of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, the narrator pronounces the second name as NOR-ul, rather than nor-RELL.

I love that book with a deep an abiding passion. It's wonderful in audio. You ought to throw in Susanna Clarke's other book, The Ladies of Grace Adieu too. It's a book of short stories, also very good.

message 20: by Scott (new)

Scott McNulty (blankbaby) | 15 comments Mod
And this episode is now ready for your listening pleasure:

message 21: by Janice (new)

Janice (archergal) | 10 comments Good episode! Wish there had been more on Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. I've been waffling on The Night Circus, so y'all might have tipped me over on that one.

There was a good interview with Jo Walton on the Coode Street podcast a while back:

message 22: by Joel (new)

Joel (joelevard) | 1 comments this podcast was interesting, in that i liked (not loved) the magicians but strongly, strongly disliked the night circus, so i pretty much disagreed with everyone all the way through (especially the part where someone said the characters in the night circus were well developed!).

i still love you though.

message 23: by Chad (new)

Chad Kohalyk (chadkoh) | 19 comments Night Circus was amazing. Have you read Strange & Norrell?

I (sorta) liked the Magicians as well, so much so that I am now reading the Magician King. I will report back once I am done.

message 24: by Chad (new)

Chad Kohalyk (chadkoh) | 19 comments Read The Magician King. Here are my thoughts without really giving anything away.

TLDR: If you enjoyed The Magicians, you should probably read The Magician King.

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