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YouTube video: King Richard's Diary

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Joan Szechtman | 401 comments One of my Facebook friends just posted this YouTube video that neatly encapsulates Richard III's life in less than nine minutes. Certain things are glossed over and I would probably dispute a couple of points, but all in all, it gets it right and I think it's perfect to introduce uninformed or those who have been unduly influenced by Shakespeare to Richard III. It is narrated (the narrator is really good), so put your speakers/earphones on.


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Misfit | 1139 comments Mod
Thanks for posting this Joan. I noticed a recent commenter with a rather familiar handle, someone who possibly writes books set in this period?

message 3: by Joan (last edited Feb 14, 2012 06:04PM) (new)

Joan Szechtman | 401 comments ;) Yes

In case you're wondering, my YouTube handle is uno4vids.

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