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Brobertc I know Rick Riordan is pretty AWESOME for making the Percy Jackson Series and the Kane chronicles, but I think that he should add other cultures and make all of the cultures of the world come together and fight an ultimate opponent, like the Titans and Apophis etc. combine into an ultimate evil that makes the cultures come together and work together. Just saying.

Michael That would and cool and epic!!! You should write your own book about it. It would be a hit!

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King JT I know right. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sam i hear he's planning on a norse mythology series once he finishes heroes of olympus.

Michael Really?

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Sam yeah, i think it's on his website or something..... after he finishes kane and HOO, he's gonna do norse gods and stuff. i'm excited... but it's so far into the future. gosh, at least 4 years.

Michael LOL! Can't wait either! Kane as one more book, coming out in May. Olympus has three more books. So, about 3 or 4.

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King JT Yup

Briana LS I don't know that much about norse mythology, so I think it would be an interesting series and a good learning experience.

Kathy i agree. it would be awesome!

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