Nightshade (Nightshade, #1; Nightshade World, #4) Nightshade question

Ren or Shay?
Rachel Rachel Feb 14, 2012 04:30PM
I really thought Calla was stupid and should've picked Ren. Just saying, I mean it didn't even feel like the author showed how much she cared for Shay, or that he even liked her let alone be in deep love with her or something like that.

Totally Shay ! Ren is to protective and .. I don't know annoying. But OMG Shay is jusr right and now ne's a Gaurdian ! Lol I'm fixing to go and buy the next book !

Shay came and ruined calla's life... Ren can protect her, understands wolf stuff, is hotter and isn't such a weeny... REN!

REN!!! Love him. Shay makes me mad.

I prefer Ren. I think he was different.. and I prefer him especially considering the 'developments' that Shay made throughout the rest of the books.

i really liked Ren ...i really didn't even like shay until the second book and ...wth?? the ending of the series...liked it but thought there could have been a little more

deleted member Feb 16, 2012 05:42PM   0 votes
i hate shay and calla. pathetic. i honestly couldnt read on when i was a few chapters away from the end so i just skipped to the end and figured out what happened RENS TOO GOOD FOR CALLA! calla was a coward, and annoying, she never showed love for anyone i've moved on from this book and i'll be glad to never see it again! and i totally agree with rachel, but ren was way too good for calla !!! :0

Ok so I totally like Shay...don't hate me for it! Ren is just too overbearing and I feel Calla needed to be stronger and stand up to him. Of course I only read the 1st book so I probably can't say much. But I do believe that Calla needs to be stronger and stand for herself.

I say Ren because they had fire and they seemed like the perfect match for each other plus he could protect her in ways that Shay couldn't :) that is a very difficult choice though i would have hated to be in her shoes!

Ren all the way... i mean who would not want a hot bad boy ??? it's like every girls dream to fall for a bad boy that wants you back and can protect you but at the same time show u that he is romantic <33 ren!!!

Um, Connor? :D

I like Ren! He's a realy good leader and he's so different from his father (I mean Emile). Fell in love with him after reading first book!

I don't like either of them. I feel like Calla needs someone stronger than Shay but Ren is too overbearing. Calla is awesome so she doesn't need either of them!!

Okay, so i only read the first book, but so far, Shay should be with Calla. I mean, yes, Ren really does, like, love her and all, but no matter what anyone thinks is the "obvious choice", she listened to her heart and chose based on that. Calla is too awesome to have people try and TELL HER WHO TO LOVE AND HOW TO FEEL!!! GO TEAM CALLA!

In the first book i wasnt sure, i mean i liked them both.but then i was like ,omg ren, and i really dont like how this series ends :(

REN!!!! I didn't feel any connection to shay at all! its one of those books where there are two guys but you know which one they are going to pick. Example; edward and jacob, i mean usually im all for the obvious choice but this time i wasn't i dont think she built shay up enough as a character he was just kinda there.

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