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¤ᒪᗩﬡᗴ૪¤ Annabelle hadn't been able to find her room in the large house, an eventually she was too tired to keep looking. She was passed out on the couch in Vivian's room.

¤ᒪᗩﬡᗴ૪¤ ((I already posted :p))

Annabelle sat up, rubbing her eyes. "What?" she asked groggily, squinting at him.

¤ᒪᗩﬡᗴ૪¤ "M'tired is what I am," Annabelle yawned and looked around the room. "Oh... this isn't my room, is it?" She vaguely remembered wandering around the night before.

¤ᒪᗩﬡᗴ૪¤ "Hey," Annabelle scowled. "Put me down, I'm not some small child!"

¤ᒪᗩﬡᗴ૪¤ "Meow," Annabelle said, winking at him. "Don't you have a girlfriend or something?"

¤ᒪᗩﬡᗴ૪¤ «Ðelåne¥»♪♫☼ wrote: ""Meow," Annabelle said, winking at him. "Don't you have a girlfriend or something?""

¤ᒪᗩﬡᗴ૪¤ ((lol))

Annabelle stared at him. "Yes, I sleep with my eyes open and have conversations. What do you think?"

¤ᒪᗩﬡᗴ૪¤ «Ðelåne¥»♪♫☼ wrote: "((lol))

Annabelle stared at him. "Yes, I sleep with my eyes open and have conversations. What do you think?""

¤ᒪᗩﬡᗴ૪¤ ((:p tha'sokay I'll just keep bugging you ^^))

Annabelle shrugged awkwardly, thinking about her dreams. She was still tired, but definitely not sleepy. "No, I'm not sleepy. Why?"

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¤ᒪᗩﬡᗴ૪¤ "Curious, what? You're so strange," Annabelle sighed. "I'm... from a lot of places, really," she said vaguely. "And, the mansion is a little big, and... open for me. But it's certainly nice." And she didn't mean because it was decorated and they were rich. It was nice because she had a bed to sleep in and felt somewhat safe.

¤ᒪᗩﬡᗴ૪¤ Annabelle was starting to be lured back into sleep by the rythm of his steps as he carried her. "Me too," she smiled.

¤ᒪᗩﬡᗴ૪¤ Annabelle yawned slightly, shifting. "Sure," she said, trying not to fall asleep.

¤ᒪᗩﬡᗴ૪¤ ((O.o I don't even think she CAN shift... she's half kyuubi, she literally only has like half the power))

"Eh," Annabelle sighed, snuggling into his chest. "I don't wanna sleep though."

¤ᒪᗩﬡᗴ૪¤ ((She's half human half kyuubi :p but fine))

"Cute?" Annabelle scoffed. "Hardly. I just... don't wanna dream." She blinked her eyes quickly, about to fall asleep when she suddenly felt like she had to sneeze. "Oh no!" The pressure built until there was a small pop, and she was suddenly a small, russet-colored fox.

¤ᒪᗩﬡᗴ૪¤ ((lol :D))

Annabelle's fox eyes scowled at him. She nipped his arm lightly, and then yawned widely, nuzzling her little fox nose in his neck.

¤ᒪᗩﬡᗴ૪¤ ((Sorry fell asleep :p))

Annabelle growled, but she couldn't help closing her eyes slightly and almost purring like a cat as he pet her.

¤ᒪᗩﬡᗴ૪¤ Who's Aunt Isabelle? she wondered fearfully. Annabelle nodded, making a little chirpy noise. Yes... I am a fox. This is weird.

¤ᒪᗩﬡᗴ૪¤ I don't like being so small, actually. It feels strange, and I have to look up to see you! she made a face. How do I change back? She made a mental note to avoid any Isabelle's.

¤ᒪᗩﬡᗴ૪¤ Annabelle leaped out of his arms, turning to face him with a nasty scowl. Don't you dare! I'll bite your face off while you're asleep! She circled around his feet threateningly.

¤ᒪᗩﬡᗴ૪¤ ((Yup :D))

Annabelle snapped her teeth at him, but it was more playful now. Maybe I can, and just didn't tell you, she thoguht micheivously.

¤ᒪᗩﬡᗴ૪¤ ((okay! And awww... Maxwell :D))

Annabelle giggled, as much as she could as a fox.

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