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Here is the character application to make a nation! The ones in bold mean that they are optional

Nation Nation:

Nation Age:

Human Name:

Human Age:








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Orc (orcgoth) Nation name: Essex

Nation Age:(im not sure sry -.-')

Human Name: Abbie Kirkland

Human Age: 18

Personality: can come across as ditzy and anoying, is somewat of a daughter to england, has been known to be over protective of her friends and iggys cooking, scares some people, often uses a crazy amount of fake tan and other make up

Likes: Canada, scones, tea, maple syrup, chinchillas, matchmaking, anything orange, gossip and yaoi

Dislikes: France, french food, coffe, ppl forgetting canadas name, beige , ppl keeping secrets and ppl dissing her and iggys cooking


Family: the closest person she has to family is england (if u watch docter who, like the docter is to jenny)

Allies/enemies: she gets on with most ppl..... but hates france

Short summary of history: (witch one :/ )

Other(love life, pets, ect...): she has a sparkly orange phone and almost EVRY1S phone number, lives at englands house but is out most of the time

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Orc (orcgoth) yay!
btw did the pic show up?

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Poland_Russia (charlie_horse87) | 12 comments Nation name: Kansas

Human name: Dorothy Gale

Human age: 18

Personality: Dorothy likes to sing on her family farm and play around with her dog Toto. If she goes for a walk or bike ride Toto is always by her side. On the outside she's looks sweet but inside.... well she thinks that nobody understands
her. She wishes that she
could be understood by her family.

Appearance: Dorothy has pale-ish white skin and long, thick, brown, wavy hair. She wears a white blouse underneath a baby blue-white plaid summer dress with ruby red, sparkley 1-inch shows.

Likes: Music, specifically

Dislikes: None

Other: She loves animals

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Oh...I see what you did thar! Accepted

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Poland_Russia (charlie_horse87) | 12 comments Yay! Go Kansas! :)

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Sa-Human rights! Nation: Madagascar

Nation Age: 46

Human Name: Nataly Tsiranana

Human Age: 18

Personality: She is quiet, nice, kind, a bookworm and a major animal lover, but is sensitive, stubborn, and hate people when she does a lot things for them, but they tease her.

Appearance: http://hetaliafanmadecharacters.wikia..., and has scars all over her.


Likes: Lemurs, animals, books.

Dislikes: People who tease her even though she does many things for them.

Crushes: America.

Other: She has leaf earrings, and secretly has a brand mark on her back, along with 2 scars, in a christian cross.

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Welcome to the group Sabi-chan! She's accepted~!

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Sa-Human rights! Yay! Thank you! :D

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Your welcome~

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Nation Name: Portuguese Republic(Portugal)

Nation Age: Unknown

Human Name: Manuel Calheta

Human Age: 21

Personality: Portugal is perverted and a bit of a jerk. He is cheerful most of the time and likes when he's in the limelight. He's pretty much an attention whore. He has a bit of a temper though.


History: (Look it up)

Likes: Food, good music, and girls

Dislikes: English food, rock music, and ugly girls

Crushes: Cape Verde

Other: He's a stalker

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HetaMusicFan *Addicted to Thoughts* ( ●_●†)૭ (hetamusicfan) | 2 comments Nation Nation: Paraguay

Nation Age: May 14, 1811 (200 years old)

Human Name: Carolina González

Human Age: 19

Personality: Paraguay is an outgoing girl who loves jokes. She can be a daredevil as well, loving skydiving and other things, but she only does that when there’s no work to do in her country at the time. She can get shy and nervous around either someone she likes or someone she's afraid of, unless she’s known them for a while. Paraguay is also a great baker, being an expert on making chipa guasu (cake from her country), but then began to make other kinds of cakes.



Likes: Climbing mountains, swimming, her sibling Uraguay, her family, Denmark, her friends, etc.

Dislikes: Winter, bland foods (But she’ll just give tips to the person on how to give the food more flavour), war, friends/family getting hurt

Crushes: Denmark~

Other: Besides baking sweets, Paraguay is a good chef.

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Nation name: Lanzhou

Nation age: cant find
Gender: M

Human name: Tang

Human age: 20

Capital: captail of the Gansu Province

Birthday: uhhh... ~.~

Personality: a bit loud acts kinda like Russia becuse it was the center of Soviet influence in northwestern China. like tea and is freindly with China and Bejing. Sometimes a good htinker and can go silent for hours becuse he is thinking so deeply. sometimes say aru when gets excited

Appearance: He has dark eyes dark hair, almost black. tilted eyes put a little more straight. wares tradtional cloths sometimes but most of the time ware thigs htat are comffy has a bit of china's scare and hates it being touched NOT TOUCHY! D:<

Enemies: (well he isn't Fond of Japan, not really enemyies

Like: being mean to CHina and siblings

Idlikes: being yelled at by brothers

Siblings: All of China, china, hong kong, japan, and all those brothers, tiwan. (uhh so many!)

Crush/Love: (Optional)

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Nation Name: The Republic of Cape Verde/Cape Verde/Republica de Cabo Verde

Nation Age:

-Independence: 36

-Discovery: 550

Human Name: Blanca Rose Almeida Lopes

Human Age: 20

Personality: Cape Verde is an independent, girly young woman. She takes her role as an unmarried woman seriously and does not(yet) want a boyfriend or a lover or anything else like that.She is very hospitable and generous and loves to help everyone. Although she is the type that doesn't need a guy to make her happy, she depends on the male countries because those are the people who she grew up with. She loves music, singing, dancing, and sports like baseball, basketball, and soccer along with swimming, long-distance running, and scuba-diving. She has the spirit of a soccer player and never gives up. She gets angered very easily and isn't afraid to hit you if you piss her off. She's a genuinely silly person and enjoys pissing China off.

Appearance: Cape Verde has a small stature with a mature figure and tanned skin. She has shoulder length, curly, brown hair and golden brown eyes. Her hair is usually hidden in a bandana and she has a small hoop earing on her left ear. Her eyebrows are neatly trimmed and her skin is almost flawless and clear, except for a small birthmark under her left eye, representing her capital. She wears girlier clothing like dresses and skirts and blouses, but when it home, she chooses a pair of loose shorts and a tanktop.


Likes: Music, singing, dancing, scuba-diving, long-distance running, basketball, and soccer.

Dislikes: Being yelled at

Crushes: None...

Other: She's awesome at cooking.

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Yoite *If my heart broke, would you care?* wrote: "Nation name: Lanzhou

Nation age: cant find
Gender: M

Human name: Tang

Human age: 20

Capital: captail of the Gansu Province

Birthday: uhhh... ~.~

Personality: a bit loud acts kinda like Russi..."


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yes! LAHZOU~

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Roxanne Shriver (roxannexshriver) Nation Name:

Human Name:
(She goes by Cecí though.)

Human Age:
13, but unlike some Hetalia characters - such as Sealand or other young countries - she acts like an adult despite her human age.

She takes after Spain a lot because she has always lived close by him and is very similar to many was, but in her personality she is very different.

Once she established herself as an individual country and not a part of Spain, she became a lot more isolated. She does not interact well with other countries since she is used to people overlooking her (since they always thought her to just be a part of Spain).

She is on good speaking terms with Spain, and she has known Romano for most of his life. She also seems to be fairly good friends with Belgium. She doesn't talk to Netherlands very often though.

Her appearance is startlingly similar to Spain's official female design. Her hair is brown and long like his and she has similar green eyes (although they are a bit darker). Unlike him, she has a few freckles.

She was constantly being mistaken for Spain for most of her life. More than anything, she wants to prove that she is different from him.

When she was a chibi country, she was very shy and would only talk to Spain. Now that she's older, she talks a little more. (But not much,)

*good food

*being compared to Spain


Catalonia used to be fond of speaking in Catalan, which made it so that only Spain could understand her (and even then there were a few words that he could not translate), but by now she's gotten out of this habit.

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Roxanne Shriver (roxannexshriver) Nation Name:
(Although truthfully he's actually a City-State.)

Human Name:

Human Age:
(This is the age that most Spartan children are first expected to train for war.)

Myles can be very polite to his elders, but is known for insulting people in order to purposely pick a fight with them. He's a lot stronger than he looks.

He has short black hair and dark eyes. He's fairly short for his age.

He grew up with the human personification of Athens, but they don't get along with each other. She often annoys him, because she cares less about fighting and more about intelligence and art.

Myles did not interact with Greece very often, despite being one of his younger brothers. The reason for this is because Myles was always traveling, looking to pick a fight, while Greece typically stayed put and dreamed of cats.

*being complimented for his strength

*Old people (Spartans usually die young)
*being treated like a kid

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