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Tom - our hero - did you love him?

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Anne OK Tom definitely had the grumpies going on. However, in his defense he had some real issues with which to deal. Made my heart hurt for him. And I kinda liked the cargo shorts -- they just fit his personality somehow. Although I bet he would look awesome in a pair of spandex biker shorts!!!

And I loved the hot sauce standoff! It was a hoot how Tom had it figured out all along.

These two characters did the opposites attract so well! A really great debut for Ruthie Knox!!!

Jill The cargo shorts absolutely over spandex. And day. Every day. Leave the spandex to the professionals.

The hot sauce scene was a real treat. Very well done by the author with little (or no) dialogue. Reminded me very much of SEP with that particular scene. Especially the way Tom won.

Jill @ Sue
Author Ruthie Knox got it right about the cargo shorts!
(Real) Men + spandex = not for this girl! LOL!

 Chele Sue wrote: "Wasn't Tom a hoot - such a curmudgeon
then turned out to be one sexy dude. I did challenge the author on his wearing cargo pants to ride cross country, seems like that would be soooo uncomfortabl..."

Just starting this book, 5% in. Tom already made me laugh.

Taryn: "Please, Tom. You can't ride your bicycle across the country alone. It's insane. You'll end up being slaughtered by a serial killer."

Tom: "Taryn, I'm thirty-five, single, tattooed, and antisocial. I'm the serial killer."

I hope the rest is this good.

message 5: by Sandil (new)

Sandil I think the birthday bedroom decor is pretty memorable.

message 6: by Sandil (new)

Sandil A turning point I think. Tom is beginning to think of her first. The scarf on the light made me worry about fire for the rest of the chapter.

message 7: by Dee (new) - rated it 4 stars

Dee I just read this over the weekend and really enjoyed it

re: cargo shorts - I have started to see riding pants that look like cargo shorts with the padded butt liner on the inside more and more in stores, most for trail riding people - me thinks I need to invest in some

message 8: by Dee (new) - rated it 4 stars

Dee i think so - my friend bought herself a pair...although she could have just bought a man's small, she does do those kinds of things ;)

message 9: by Dee (last edited Jul 16, 2012 12:19PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Dee these are similar I think - http://www.sierratradingpost.com/pear...

although they seemed to get iffy reviews

message 10: by J (new) - rated it 4 stars

J I just finished this book the other day. I don't know how I missed it for a year. It was great and have now read a few other books by Ruthie Knox. But, I think this one will be my favorite. Wouldn't mind another book about their trip home.

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