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Harry Potter or Bartimaeus?

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Habz what is bartimaeus...?

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Habz oh right! I see them everywhere but i have never read them, i think i will. Thanks for bringing them to my attention.
...Harry Potter is my fav series of all time, so i would probs still say Harry Potter lol!

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Habz urm lemme check...

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Habz urm no but you should get mine any min now...
so whats your opinion on the bartimaeus series?

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Habz lol reserved it already.
Can you compare it to any other series or book so i can get a general idea of the genre or plot.

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Avery When I read Bartimaeus I didnt really like it and I loved Harry Potter
so Im going to have to say harry potter : P

Shanna Both, but each for different reasons.

Andrew Duff Seriously?

Bartimaeus, obviously. JK Rowling is okay, but Stroud's in a different league.

Keerthana Ohh I love Barty's cynicism and his awesome sense of humor. But I love the storyline of HP. I love Bartimaeus more than Harry in terms of character, but in series, I would prefer Harry Potter any day.

Morgane OMG, I'm so happy people talk about this. I've been a huge HP fan since I was 15 (I'm almost 26), and it became my favorite series because it made me realize that fantasy is my favorite genre (an underrated one in France unfortunately).
But a couple of years ago my boyfriend made me read the Bartimaeus Trilogy. And believe me, I still love Harry, and the series and Jo Rowling is wonderful, but here's why Bart is now my favorite series of all time (No spoilers) :
- The writing is just amazing, beautiful and hilarious, smart and daring. Jo is great at dialogue, but Jonathan blew me away with his style that he adapts, depending on which character we're following (the writing is either at the first or the third person, it's brilliant story-telling).
- It's a unique twist in fantasy : the magician is not that old beardy wise good guy, he's a young politician. And Bart's "voice" is unique.
- The first book plot is based on this vengeance story with a lot of magic and action and awesomeness. But what makes it an amazing book is the reason of it all, how personnal the plot is, and how the two main characters interact with one another. More and more details are revealed about each one as the series go, another character adds a new dynamics, and then the books totally take of with a political plot, the universe widens, it's not just about one boy, it's what he learns about the world and what kind of person he wants to be.
- THE CHARACTERS. They are so amazing. Jonathan Stroud said that he liked HP, but he said something that will stay with me : "A lot of things happen TO Harry, but Harry himself never really changes". And it's true : even if he grows up, Harry's always been this good person and tries to do what's best. The boy in Bartimaeus (I ADORE his name, but it should remain a secret until you read the books), goes himself through a development, and characters' arcs are the most important things in a novel. The ending of Bart is no HP epilogue.
- Also did I mention : London, Prague, Egypt, old djinn beliefs, parallels between characters, footnotes, hilariousness, scariness omg, beautiful and upsetting moments, biblical names, an author who is not afraid to make his characters hurt or make bad decisions, and a story so well built as a trilogy.

Scott I liked Bartimaeus a lot more than any character in the Harry Potter series, however I did read them fairly far apart.

I would have to vote for Bartimaeus Trilogy :)

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