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2nd Bulding: Dorms *Mature* > Kinashi Nakamichi and Gary Talbot's bedroom

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Kinushi walked into the bedroom

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((gtg sowwy))
Kinushi looked at him and said "would you like to...ahem, try out the bed?"

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She pulled off her shirt and slipped out of her pants, leaving her in her bra and underwear.

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She sat next to him and blushed as she saw his boxers.

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She nodded, breathless and blushing brightly

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She kissed him back, her hands lightly tracing the planes of his chest

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she wrapped her hands around his neck and kissed him harder, pressing herself closer to him.

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she kissed him back, her fingers in his hair. she nibbled at his lips

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she moaned with pleasure, her eyelids fluttering

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she lay back and let her be at his mercy.

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She moaned with pleasure, her back arching

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"yes" she moaned

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She bit her lip and nodded, looking at him

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she gasped as she felt him enter her

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she cried out in pain and pleasure

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she moaned with pleasure and rocked with him

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"I-i think im going to c-cum" she gasped, moving with him

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She cried out his name as she came

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She flopped back against the bed, panting and feeling sore and spent.

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She nodded "it was unlike anything i've ever felt before"

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she smiled up at him in return

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"as i do you" she murmered, moving closer to him.

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She wrapped her tail around him and fell asleep.

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Kinushi woke up nestled against Gary

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"hey" she said, and kissed him good morning

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"Very amazing" she agreed

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"that sounds good" She agreed

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Kinushi threw on a silk robe she found and followed behind him.

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Kinushi untied the robe she had slipped on

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(( gtg))

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kinushi moaned

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she moved and moaned in pleasure

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her back arched

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she bucked and moved against him

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she moaned "more"

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she cried out in pleasure, moving against him

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she moaned and felt herself getting closer

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she cried out his name and came

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Kinushi gasped for breath afterwords

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she blushed darkly as she stared at it

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"i-ive never done this before" she admitted

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"umm..lets just do vaginal" she said

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She climbed on top of him

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she moved over him and slowly entered him into her

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she but her lip seductivly as she rode him

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she started slow at first, but started to pick up speed

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she went faster against him as she felt herself getting closer

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she went faster and faster until she came

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panting, she lay across his chest, feeling content

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she curled up against him

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