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Danny (danbrarian) | 74 comments Mod
Whether you spend the day dressed in pink and handing out cards or attending an anti-Valentines Day party, February 14 is a day when you're likely to be thinking about love. For those of you who'd like to spend the day with with a feisty heroine and a dashing leading man, Gwinnett County Public Library has more than 10,000 books that fall under the category of "Love Stories." Click here to see the full list, or click below to discover what else the library has to offer in the way of the literature of love.

Fortunately, you don't have to read all 10,000 love stories if you're looking for tips. Everything I Know About Love I Learned From Romance Novels will condense all of the knowledge for you. Want to know how to look like a Romance hero? Try unbuttoning your shirt! Want to find out which Romance novel is most like you? Use the handy chart to find out!

That's just the tip of the heart-shaped iceberg, however. There are many more options.

In Us: Americans Talk About Love you can find out what people in all stages of life and relationships think about love.

If you're suspicious of the whole idea, maybe you'd be interested in Why We Need Love, "an enlightening collection of excerpts, passages, and paintings" focused on the human desire for desire.

If you'd like some tips on sending love letters, take a look at some successful examples. Love Letters of Great Women is exactly what it sounds like: an anthology of love letters from the rich and famous women in history. Other People's Love Letters takes the same idea, but focuses on anonymous letters found across America.

Finally, if you're feeling blue on Valentine's Day and you'd like to feel better about your own love life, look no further than Great Philosophers Who Failed At Love. Here's a quote from the cover: "Although we admire their wisdom, history is littered with the romantic failures of the most sensible men and women of every age."

Click on any of the links in this post to find the books in our catalog!

Do you have a favorite love story? Tell us in the comments!

message 2: by Kristi (new)

Kristi | 1 comments I enjoyed "You say Tomato and I say Shut Up!: A Love story" by Annabell Gurwitch and Jeff Kahn. A more realistic view on "true love".

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