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message 1: by Nishant (new)

Nishant Chandra (nishantchandra) | 4 comments Mod
bookshelf was started a few months back to cater to the needs of heavy readers as well as novices. adding to the vision, rather supplementing it, we have decided to create a community where people from the campus can come together to discuss novels and see what books their friends are reading and have read. Goodreads for that, is a great tool.

Goodreads is a great place for book lovers and you might even find yourself hooked if you have read a lot and you start managing your shelves. Even hanging around browsing stuff and adding it to your shelves is fun. And as Zuckerberg points out in every one of his speeches, social tinge to it enhances its experience multifold. Browsing through a friends shelf, you can make new discoveries as well as recommendations for books. The serendipity is overwhelming. The hardcore readers will know early what am i talking about.

So join in and add people you know as friends on goodreads. I hope you'll like it as i did.

message 2: by Gaurav (last edited Jul 12, 2015 12:08PM) (new)

Gaurav Kumar (aevinq) well if it isn't dead, this group

message 3: by Priyanshu (new)

Priyanshu Mani | 1 comments Yes...,we could get more active or not:P

message 4: by Gaurav (new)

Gaurav Kumar (aevinq) Priyanshu wrote: "Yes...,we could get more active or not:P"
what if we were to become ?

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