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New Adult

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Pub Info (pubinfo) | 18 comments How do you feel about this genre? Should it be more widely accepted? Have you read any YA or adult books which would have been better classified as New Adult?

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K.C. Neal (kcneal) | 1 comments Hey Rainy! :) I have to admit, I've heard the term "New Adult" but don't really know what it means - anyone want to take a stab at explaining it to me...?

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Pub Info (pubinfo) | 18 comments Hey KC! Thanks for joining =) How have you been?

So, New Adult is basically that rather ignored spot between YA and Adult, like early to mid twenties.

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Hannah (jaedia) I've always felt that Maria V. Snyder's books could fall under 'new adult'. They feel a bit older than the usual teen fiction but definitely younger than regular adult fiction.

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Rainy Kaye (rainyofthedark) | 4 comments Oh, I haven't read those, but seems interesting. I've just created a list so I can save the suggestions =)


Tanja (Tanychy) I saw the same discussion somewhere (Amazon I think), but never mind.
I'm not good at separation books in those categories, there are books that I love and those that I don't like (I can't hate books). Although, I agree that this New Adult is a good thing, because I've read some YA books that aren't appropriate for younger readers.

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