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Traveller (moontravlr) | 80 comments Mod
Warning: Spoilers.
Hi, I'm currently reading the first story, Dradin in love, and a few things came up.

I'm intrigued as to where the city is set, or shall I say, which real-world location it is based on.

Initially, I thought the Amazon jungle, but now, after mention of an Occidental woman and an old man defecating in the street, I'm starting to think India. (Perhaps Bombay/Mumbai?)

Secondly, I'd like to mention that the dwarf immediately reminded me of The Witcher dwarves... :P

He's obviously some slyboots, out to make cash out of poor Dradin's infatuation.

Thirdly, I wondered what a columbarium was, and found this: A columbarium (also called columbary) is a place to store ash urns, and a columbary (usually called dovecote or pigeonhouse) is a place for keeping domesticated birds.

So I wonder which is the one that Dradin found... ??

4. Notice the descriptions of cars that sound like these must be pretty old machines - even model-T old? ..which seems to set the stage for a Steampunk background.

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Traveller (moontravlr) | 80 comments Mod
Hmmm... "He stripped and took a shower, turning the water on so hot that needles
of heat tattooed his skin red, but he felt clean, and more than clean, cleansed and calm, when he came out after thirty minutes and wiped himself dry with a large green towel. "

This implies there is plumbing and electricity? to heat the water with... -so perhaps not steampunk after all? The vehicles depicted in Dradin's childhood don't seem all that old either.

Puddin Pointy-Toes (jkingweb) | 33 comments Yeah, I noticed that myself, the shower. Running water is not so odd, but hot water? That implies considerable infrastructure. So does a half-hour shower, mind you, hot or no.

Very little of the rest of that tale does, though. Perhaps later stories will be more explicit.

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Traveller (moontravlr) | 80 comments Mod
Phew, what a harrowing story. A few things I'm wondering about, but I'll have to figure out how spoiler tags work. Or shall I just warn about spoilers and shoot?

Nice to see you joining the discussion, J, which was actually a monologue before you joined in. :)

Puddin Pointy-Toes (jkingweb) | 33 comments Spoiler tags are "spoiler" in angle brackets (like HTML). Please, do voice your thoughts. ;)

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