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((Start RP Here!))

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Team Go Getters sat at their Base.

Shocker sighed. "Hydro we need to recruit people otherwise our Rescue Team is down the drain......"Shocker said

"I feel ya"Hydro said

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Shocker scratched his ears. "Well we better stay in shape. Wanna Battle?"

Hydro sighed Shocker always won...."Fine."

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Shocker griinned. Shocker used Volt Tackle!!!

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Hydro sighed ready for the blow but then all of a sudden Shocker stopped and his ears were perked. "Whats up?"Hydro asked.


"Look."Shocker said pointing at the mailbox. "A Mission!!!!"

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"Volcano come here!!!"Shocker yelled


Volcano appeared. "Yes, Leader?"


"Get ready for a mission."Shocker said reading the letter

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Shocker read the letter it said:

Dear, Shocker we have an Enraged Absol at the wild fields can you so it?

Reward: 5,000,000,000 Pokedollars


"HOLY CRAP WERE GONNA BE RICH!!!!!!5,000,000,000!!!!"Shocker yelled "We have to defeat the absol!!!"

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"We still need more people though"Hydro sighed.

"We have to do this mission!!!!"Shocker said

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"YES BUT WE STILL NEED MORE POKEMON!!!!"Hydro yelled getting angry with Shocker


"Ok settle down we'll post some join ads on the board"Shocker said

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Austin | 560 comments Haze and Eclipse where laying down Relaxing from a mission and heard some pokemon yelling. Haze said "I wonder what it is now?" Eclipse said "Lets go see what the comotion is" Haze replied "Fine." They started to walk toward the noise.

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Shocker heard some rustling. he turned his head to see a Vaporean and a Glaceon out in the open.


Hydro tapped Shockers shoulder. "Would they want to join"Hydro asked


"I dont know i guess ill ask"Shocker said.................."Welcome to Team Go-Getters base!!!!!"

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*NO NAME* SO DON'T TRY! teh awesome dude who says hi | 274 comments team legend is looking for new members. "get the mail, dragonite," says giratina, the leader, "there's a mission- OMFG! if we complete the mission, we'll be moneymade!" "then what is it?" asked arcanine, "rescue a marril from a human!" "this is big cash! 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 in pokedollars!" "i'm gonna grind that person to dust! i know that marril!" exclaims arcanine, the deputy......

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((Pssst Superstar! We write in Past-Tense))

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Shocker figured they were ignoring them he tried once more. "Welcome to Team Go-Getters Base!!"He said loudly

*NO NAME* SO DON'T TRY! teh awesome dude who says hi | 274 comments meanwhile, team legend sees that the human is from team galactic, and with a dialga as his only pokemon! he sent out dialga, but it was beaten. "now for the roasting!" yowls arcanine as every member at once uses fire blast on the human! "money money!" exclaims gyarodos, the money was delivered!

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Austin | 560 comments Haze and Eclipse saw the Pikachu, Squirtle, Vapreon, and a Glaceon then Haze asked politely "Excuse me, we have had some complaints, I am sorry to be a bother but can you all please tone it down a bit?"

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Shocker sighed. "Lets go on our mission guys they dont wanna join" Shocker said sadly.


Hydro sighed "Lets go"

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Austin | 560 comments Haze looked at shocker and hydro then Eclipse asked "Do you all need help? The only people left on our team is me and Haze and we wouldn't mind helping you all"

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Shocker sighed. "Thanks but its our mission and we can handle it."Shocker said then put on an energetic look."Team Go Getters Will always prevail!!!"


"Thats the Shocker I know Lets Go!" Hydro said as they set off for the dark fields

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Austin | 560 comments ))G2g guys, be back in 30 min))

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While Shocker and Hydro were gone. Volcano put up the 'Join Team Go Getters!' sign. he saw the 2 eevee evolutions as he walked back to base.


Shocker and Hydro arrived at the Dark fields they saw Absol already. The Absol snickered and jumped down to attack Shocker, and Hydro.

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"Hah so they finally sent a rescue team"Absol snickered "They underestimated me"

Shocker used Volt Tackle KO'ing the Absol "No, You underestimated us" Shocker smiled and dragged Absol to the magnemite so they could leave.

Hydro got an apple from their bag and ate it he walked to the bulliten bored and saw that the poster had two new names on it he tore the piece of paper off and smiled wide.

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Shocker looked at Hydro."Why so Happy?"

Hydro laughed. "Two new Recruits the Vaporean and Glaceon. Their names are......Mizu & Aisu. Should we confirm their request"

"Uh you probably know the answer."Shocker said

"Yessssssssssssss!"Hydro said as he confirmed their request

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Pelliper appeared and landed on Mizu & Aisus Mailbox. "Confirmation from Go-Getters." He said before taking off

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Volcano answered the door. "He-Hello?"Volcano asked shy


Shocker & Hydro walked back to base

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"Umm Shocker isnt her right now"Volcano said "Theyre on a- Nevermind here they come."

Shocker and Hydro saw Mizu, and Aisu already there. "Welcome to Team Go-Getters"He said happily

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"Volcano its time for you to evolve.......battle me"Shocker said


Volcano put on a worried face


Hydro came up to Volcano and patted him on the back. "Dont worry I wont let him KO you"


Volcano whimpered but started scratching Shocker Hard.


Shocker smiled. "your not gonna go easy on me huh?" Shocker returned with Volt Tackle

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Hydro looked over at the battling Aisu and Mizu. "You Guys, stop!!!"


Volcano was hit and fell to the ground he tried getting up and finally did "Charma-Charmeleon!"Volcano said evolving.

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"Unless they have an Everstone"Hydro added

"Im a Charmeleon!"Volcano said Excitedly.

"Nice job i remember when i first saw you.....as an egg"Shocker said

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Shocker smiled "I rescued you as my first mission"Shocker said.

"Really?" Volcano asked

"Yep your mother was about to eat your egg i had to destroy your mother"Shocker frowned

"Well...........Thanks"Volcano said

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"Wait does anyone hear something?"Volcano asked

Shocker Shuddred. "Charizard wings"He said


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The Charizard landed and took Volcano by the neck. A tyranitar, and Slamence appeared beside her.

"Uh-Oh"Shocker said

Hydro used Hydro Pump on Charizard.

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*NO NAME* SO DON'T TRY! teh awesome dude who says hi | 274 comments the team sees the commotion. "weaklings." says mliotic, "he's not bad with the names" exclaims charizard. "that raichu isn't too bad," says giratina, "he's probably the leader."

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Anna | 52 comments Suddenly a Piplup fell from the sky! "Sorry to just drop in like that!" she said. "I'm Bubbles!"

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"Hey!!!"Shocker said "Im a Pikachu and im not weak!"

"Niether am I, or Volcano!"Hydro said

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Charizard counterattacked with Iron Tail But Hydro jumped out of the way.

All of a sudden Shocker felt a rage taking over him. All of a sudden he used Volt Tackle, and the next second the Chrizard, Tyranitar, and Salamence were Knocked Out on the ground

"Were not weak"Shocker repeated

message 37: by Austin (new)

Austin | 560 comments ((Lol, its kinda weird having 2 vaporeons huh? So should I make a new char or should I forget vaporeon(even though it is my fave pokemon) and just stay with Eclipse?))

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((You can still have Vaporean))

All of a sudden Hydro had a white glow around him

Shocker smiled. "We have a Wartortle"

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Austin | 560 comments ((Ok, well umm what do I do lol, tas you can tell I'm not very good at rping in pokemon lol))

Haze was running along with Eclipse after a little Eevee that ran into Shocker. The Eevee looke up scared and said "Bwee"

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Shocker turned around and smiled at the eevee. "Hey little buddy, im Shocker"He said not wanting to scare the Eevee

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((Hola, Hinata!))

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((Dobrý den, Hinata!))

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Austin | 560 comments The Eevee looked at Shocker, and then he smelled him and then the Eevee smiled and saaid "Eeevee!"

((Welcome back Hinata!)) Haze and Eclipse came up there and said "We are so sorry, he is our little brother and he got a little excited and then her ran off"

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Shocker laughed. "Its fine!" Shocker replied. He noticed their Rescue Team Badge. "What Rescue Team are you from?"

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Austin | 560 comments The Eevee jumped on Shocker's shoulder. Appereantly he took a liking to him. HAze replied "We are from Team Element. I am the leader, but some of our members have quit....."


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"I feel ya"Shocker said "We only have 5 members right now...."

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Shocker patted the Eevees head

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Austin | 560 comments ((Back))

Eclipse responded "We are thinking about quiting and joingng a different team." Haze nodded in agreement then said "Oh, I seem to have fogoten my manners. I am Haze and this is my brother, Eclipse, and that Eevee on your shoulder is our little brother, Twilight. May I ask your names and what team you all are from?"

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"Im Shocker Leader of Team Go-Getters pleased to Meet Cha'"He said

"Im Shocker Co. Leader of Team Go-Getters"Hydro said

"Im Volcano a member of Team Go-Getters"Volcano said

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Austin | 560 comments "Nice too meet you all too." Eclipse said to Shocker and friends "We are training Twilight to become an Espeon, and are you all still looking for memebers? Maybe we can help you?"

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