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message 1: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer Woollven (jwoollven) | 15 comments Mod
How are you different or similar to the main character in your book? If nonfiction, how would the topic help you?

Tanisha  Williams | 25 comments I would same on some levels we are the same, I've encountered things in my past and my childhood, the hinders my growth as a person in certain areas.

message 3: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Jimenez (latinalover) | 17 comments there is no main character but the character in their is similar to me because we kinda have the same problems. In one part of the book I was reading me in there so I think I am similar to the character in my book.

message 4: by Anthony Jaques (new)

Anthony Jaques | 25 comments I'm pretty different from the main characters of my book; they're all superheros. Although, they do have personal drama in their lives that I can relate to.

message 5: by Daniel Arroyo (new)

Daniel Arroyo | 27 comments My character is mysterious and likes to solve mysteries and he is creative and I would think of myself as a creative person. He is also persistent like myself.

message 6: by Gina Lamm (new)

Gina Lamm | 27 comments I'm similar with the main character because she tries to find her friend in a dying city and I won't abandon a friend and I'll try to find them.

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

I feel similar to my character because he begins feeling sympathy towards the androids which he has to "retire". I think I would probably have those same feelings after a while.

Adilene Macedo  | 27 comments Well my book is composed of a variety of stories within the book. Right now I'm in the story of Baseball in April. Is about a kid that is Hispanic and he has chores to do within inside his house. I can relate to this story by saying that I'm also Hispanic and that my parents impose me to do my own chores.

message 9: by Ginna Marciel (new)

Ginna Marciel | 24 comments I am nothing like Tom nor Kate. But if I were to pick one thing though, the closest to me is Tom because we are both naive.

message 10: by Kenesha (new)

Kenesha  (niecey) | 27 comments I guess I'm different from Dashti because she has no family left. She's serves someone of higher class than her. I actually have nothing in common with her. Dashti is more outgoing, and determined. Whenever she makes up her mind about something, she does it. she does everything in her power to make sure that they are still alive and she knows how to survive on her own. Actually I do too, just not in the wild.

message 11: by emmanuel gonzalez (last edited Dec 03, 2008 01:01PM) (new)

emmanuel gonzalez  | 21 comments Well i am really different from the main character in my book because she is a girl and i am a boy. she is the same as me, on that she likes to go on hikes adventures and all that sort of stuff.

message 12: by Katelyn Baker (new)

Katelyn Baker | 18 comments The main character in my book is a guy who cares a lot about people. On a deep level, I'm kind of like him.

message 13: by Jaffer (new)

Jaffer | 23 comments I can relate to the main character because of all the struggles he has to face. My troubles might not be having to live after getting stranded on a island, but i have a lot of troubles that i have to go through my life.

message 14: by connor bond (last edited Dec 03, 2008 01:26PM) (new)

connor bond | 22 comments Both the main character in the book and I share the desire to help a friend. However, he never gives up and I can never persevere

message 15: by Julianna Clemmer (new)

Julianna Clemmer | 17 comments The main topic in ‘The Last Lecture’ is ways to enjoy life to the fullest and how to achieve your childhood dreams which is helpful in making life more fulfilling.

message 16: by Becca (new)

Becca (rewashed) | 21 comments Eat, Pray, Love is about self discovery and finding and focusing on your core beliefs (it's nonfic). It really helped me to recenter my relationship with God and helped me to realize that there are some things about myself that I just can't change but that I'll learn to be okay with those parts of myself eventually.

message 17: by Jackie (new)

Jackie (jacqu3s) | 21 comments The main character of my book tries to find herself and i guess i am to.

Enrique Garcia III | 11 comments well I'm different from my characters because i'm not suicidal.

message 19: by Alfredo (new)

Alfredo Dominguez | 20 comments I'm similar with my character because i would never like to get bully and if i was i would try to find the fastest way out.

message 20: by Kate baggett (new)

Kate baggett | 18 comments I similar to the main character because she never really has good luck with boys, well she has luck but they end up being the wrong boy(s) for her...
sort of like me.

message 21: by Warun (new)

Warun (supacoolzulu) | 15 comments I am similar to the character in my book because like him I feel traped in my house and I feel like I don't belong that I am so diffrent from the rest of my family .and that all I want to do is just try to fix the world as best as I can

message 22: by Amanda Salas (new)

Amanda Salas | 17 comments i would say im similiar in a way to bella cause she is kind of different from everybody else but alike in the same way, she also is a normal teenage girl.

message 23: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Brown | 18 comments It is different from me I would never make a bad creation that goes wrong im not even that smart, and it helps me out with my project on stem cell research and cloning.

message 24: by Isaac (new)

Isaac Hernandez (acdcrocks9) | 15 comments i would say im similiar to anakin in my mind because he got the force and a lightsaber. my inner child i guess

message 25: by Patrick, Cueva (new)

Patrick, Cueva | 18 comments In the way that we are the same, is that we fear the future. The diference is, he fears what will happen, I fear what might not happen.

message 26: by Ricky (new)

Ricky | 15 comments I would say that I'm similar to Stanley by us both being friendly and like to help others like when he helped Zero read.

message 27: by Eliana Lechuga (new)

Eliana Lechuga | 20 comments I think that me and William North, the main character, are very similar. For one thing we both have a younger sister who we love but are annoyed by.

message 28: by Tenzin Dickyi (new)

Tenzin Dickyi | 23 comments I would say that I am similar to Marielle because she is motivated in what she does. She really wants to find her child, and she does almost anything possible to find him also getting her self into trouble on the way. Which happens to me when I get too involved into issues and I try to fix everything, I get into trouble as well.

message 29: by Sabrina (new)

Sabrina | 19 comments I think i am kind of similar to her because she is always trying to get out of things because of her curse and I'm always trying to find a way out of things because I don't want to do it... i guess thats kind of similar..

message 30: by Marcos Ramon (new)

Marcos Ramon | 8 comments I am different because I am not an 8 foot, bio engineered human

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