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The Glass of Time: A Novel by Michael Cox

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Betty Although I haven't finished this book yet, I am ready to say that I am quite enjoying it, I found that the mystery so far is, what is the mystery? It hasn't become clear yet exactly why "Alice" must investigate undercover Lady Tansor. I'm quite looking forward to really get into the meat of the whole affair.

Julie The mystery will be revealed ;) Although, it's been a few days since you posted, so you may have already finished the book. Interested to hear what you think. Some things you will figure out, but others may be a surprise. I really enjoyed it. Did you read The Meaning of Night first?

Betty I haven't read that one yet, although it's been on my list for quite a while. Here's my review for The Glass of Time:

Julie Loved The Thirteenth Tale. One of my favorites. A must read ;)

Maria I read "The Meaning of Night," and while it was well-written I am in love with a happy ending and well .... So far I am enjoying "Glass of Time," which is mysterious and holds out hope for a good ending.... We shall see!! With the snow and the holidays here, I may actually have time to read more than a couple pages per night .....

Maria SPOILER ALERT: .... vindication!! So glad.

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