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message 1: by Jennie (last edited Nov 30, 2008 06:21PM) (new)

Jennie (tangledupinblue) | 83 comments Mod
Please tell me Yorick shows up somewhere...

message 2: by Quill (new)

Quill | 7 comments Mod
I was wondering if Forte was Yorick. What think you?

message 3: by Jennie (new)

Jennie (tangledupinblue) | 83 comments Mod
Now this is a thought to ponder! Maybe he was. I wished he would have shown up at the end and done something awesome like maul Claude or lock him in the barn or something. :) Forte just kind of appeared and disappeard at strange times throughout the story.

My favorite chapter in this whole book was the last one at the end of section 4, where Almondine is talking about Edgar and his absence. It nearly broke my heart when she talked about things not being wholly right becasue nothing in the house or outside "knew of him." I'm just amazed at how good Wroblewski was at giving Almondine a voice.
We were to understand that she got hit by the truck when she went to the road, right? Or am I completley off? It would not be the first time that that happened!

message 4: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (jtedore) | 37 comments She got hit by a truck? Okay, I may have to break this out again, because that I do not recall. I also loved that chapter. It does make me look at my own dogs and smile, because us humans truly are the center of their universe. You can't say that about any other species. And then I stop smiling as they come out of the spare bedroom with litter box treats in their mouths...

message 5: by Jennie (new)

Jennie (tangledupinblue) | 83 comments Mod
Yes! It is this humans as the center of the universe thing that I thought the author expressed (through Almondine) so eloquently and heart achingly. I like to think my own dog has these thoughts about me, but probably she is just thinking "Oh, hey- there's the lady with the food!"

I read a lot of my own kid and my own dog into Edgar and Almondine- that's probably why she was my favorite. And maybe I'm reading too much into it and making too big of a deal out of it, but there are times when D and Dharma (my dog) will just kind of glance at eachother and then get up and walk outside together like they had planned it. D likes to pace the back yard to blow off steam and 9 times out of 10, there's the dog, pacing with him.

Ok, I'll stop before I get crazy.

I left my book at school today (drat!) or I could post what made me think Almondine got hit by a truck... If I get time, I'll do it over lunch tomorrow.

message 6: by Jennie (last edited Dec 04, 2008 10:44AM) (new)

Jennie (tangledupinblue) | 83 comments Mod
Okay, here are a few lines from pages 462-463 about Almondine and the truck (which now, upon closer examination is probably a car.) Anyway...

"Perhaps he traveled. Now she would, too.
From far away, she heard the raveler coming. For as long as she could remember, they'd passed her yard... It was coming up the far side of the hill; its cloud of dust filled the air between the trees. The glint of its frontpiece appeared. She was not scared.... She stepped onto the sharp red gravel of the road. She was very nearly not there at all, so deeply was she inside her own mind... She stood broadside in the gravel and turned her head and asked her question. Asked if had seen her boy. Her essence. Her soul. But if the traveler understood, it showed no sign."

In my mind, there's a car coming and she's standing in the road... That's where I got my idea from. Well, that and the fact that the character who I think she paralells in Hamlet commited suicide after Hamlet left his home, too.

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