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Melissa it has been a long time since I have read this book and I gave it back to the person who lent it to me so I can't go back and refine exactly what I thought but off the top of my head. I hated this book. I was left cold.
Where was the protagonists compassion? what does the writer know about the fears of having a terminal illness, if Helen has any it didn't come through? And what, as readers, do we learn and feel of for their friendship, where is the love? The story goes nowhere, the protagonist in this book which I assume is Helen is quite fine to leave her friend to die alone in a remote house.

Alexandra Carvalho Alves I've read this book after my mother died with cancer and I reviewed myself in it. Even feeling love and compassion I never knew how to deal with death and I often said and did the wrong things, therefore I found it very humble and realistic. The main message I got from it is one's dignity must be respected until the end and above everything.

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