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Ralacor is the setting of my book I,Immortal.The dominant race is dragons but their is also fantastical creatures and animals(including humans!).Nearly anything can happen their.

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whoa...i wish i'd thought of that! i stopped writing tiger lily because i'm gona start writing...well i'm working on the title but i'll tell u bout it when i'm done!

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heeheee! no problameo cuzz!!

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Hallo! I like pie. a lot. Woot!
Hallo! I like pie. A lot. Woot!
Hallo I like pie.. Woot
Hallo I like pie. A lot. Woot
Myrna dork a mirror syjan look up an see the birds Constantine salute me to your grave pirates eating purples peaches and gallivanting girly people . Did you see the freckles up in the belly of the beast in the dusk of gyro subs? Sure did not or did I ask the pirates that are riding their ballerina base ball fans that are chipmunks did you embrace your snapey today I like pink parmesan pies that love to ride giggling giraffes! Did my mother say you couldn’t eat the nerds by their noses and toes, starting with the freckles on the left side of your tentacle? Go see Garth nix if you are confuzzled by the coarse-furred dandy tigers. Mr. Monday says hello from Donna love-in-a-mist. Did you love the ballerina football players that marched on the capital today? I thought they were magically delicious just like Harry potter! Now, penguins did you remember to chew your shoelaces after breakfast on Wednesday night? I love Australian surprises do you I hope not because I hate them more than the man on the moon does don’t remember to eat your Martian flakes on Saturday or else the streaming mimes with tickle you exhaust pipe until Jon’s ice skating rink implodes on the fortunate book of party poopers . Making the sun disappear under the yellow submarine can be very exhilarating if the moon is up in time to see the lovely mustard-themed bipods making a scene in the distance did you Mr.snugglewuggums? I hope the tears aren’t to happy that they never got to perform in the barney mobile that one lies on a bed of poppy dragons under the amebic sea money is everywhere except where you want to look for the remote control that takes picture of meowing cats and fishing dogs. I’m an expert said the man holding up the orange fan but it still could be told that I hate espresso but do I you’ll never know Lewis carol pushing the giggle cheese over the edge is another amusing board game invented by the purple chipmunks in the hottest day of September ha whoa did my cookies eat my tap dancing ears again?????!!!!!!!! Agreed said the woman in the purple Polk a dotted bandana that she had indeed not meant to disturb the finding nemo merchandise that floated up from the core of the galactic earth that eats my poodles every month on the fourth of July WATCH OUT FOR JUBILANT LOBSTER CRABS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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oh no, look out everyone, mauras finally lost it

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tee hee

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