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message 1: by ★Lalita ❤︎ (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:42PM) (new)

★Lalita ❤︎ (lalita) | 19 comments Was there any time you actually enjoyed the movie more than the book or even about the same? I'm trying to think about it, it's hard.

message 2: by Sharon (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:43PM) (new)

Sharon If I read the book before the movie, I usually like the book better b/c it is more detailed and not as choppy as the movie. But i think the one book I read that was made into a movie, and it was better then the book was Devil Wears Prada. Memoirs of a Geisha, the movie was a bit disappointing after reading the book b/c the book was so much better. Those are just 2 examples that comes to mind. Of course all of the Harry Potter books and movies are about even for me.

message 3: by Dina (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:43PM) (new)

Dina | 21 comments Never a good thing...doesn't seem to work except Harry Potter. Stephen King books into movies are the worst!

message 4: by Jessica (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:43PM) (new)

Jessica Haider (jessicahaider) | 1098 comments Mod
I will agree with Sharon about The Devil Wears Prada. The book was just kind of "meh" for me, but I quite enjoyed the movie. Maybe for once the screenwriters actually correctly cut out all the bad bits from the book.

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

I've mainly always enjoyed the book more. If there is a movie I'm interested in seeing, and I know it was a book in the past, I will always read the book first. I agree on the Devil Wears Prada - the storyline of that book was much more sad than what I was expecting.

I agree with HP - but, a great Stephen King book to movie was the Shining. But those are rare exceptions. Oh, and Dreamcatcher. But, I'm a gory-movie fanatic.

message 6: by Joanie (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:48PM) (new)

Joanie | 490 comments Mod
I really liked the movie version of "How to Make an American Quilt" but the book wasn't good at all. The movie expanded the characters a lot more than the book did which never happens. I also thought the movie "Hannibal" was better than the book-the book was ridiculous!

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