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message 1: by Ashley (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:42PM) (new)

Ashley (readerandwriter) What kind of drink do you like to have while reading?

For me it is Peet's Hot Chocolate with Whip Cream & A Little Chocolate Sauce on Top.

message 2: by Aimee (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:43PM) (new)

Aimee Hmmm never thought of that.

I do like me some Hot Apple Cider.

Or a beer/glass of wine, depending on my mood.

message 3: by Rachael (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:44PM) (new)

Rachael | 3 comments Water. Yes, I am boring.

message 4: by Rachel (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:44PM) (new)

Rachel Burton (bookish_yogi) | 5 comments Glass of good red wine (and an open fire if there's one on offer) :)

message 5: by Heather (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:45PM) (new)

Heather (trixieplum) | 4 comments Hot chocolate or English Breakfast tea (with milk & sugar)....Even in the summertime, curling up with a good book makes me crave warm drinks :)

message 6: by Lori (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:46PM) (new)

Lori (tnbbc) To be honest, i try not to eat or drink while I am reading a book. I am a bit of a clutz, and I would probably end up spilling or staining the pages. Tsk Tsk.

message 7: by Aimee (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:48PM) (new)

Aimee Actually, I get too into reading to eat or drink while reading.

When Harry Potter 7 Came out though, I sat in my backyard with a cup of coffee... most of the coffee ended up cold. :\

message 8: by Hanna (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:52PM) (new)

Hanna (librariahn) Easily, easily one of the joys in my life is reading while eating and drinking. Lemon cheesecake and tea springs to mind.

message 9: by Heather (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:52PM) (new)

Heather (trixieplum) | 4 comments I have a hard time putting a good book down when I need to eat......

message 10: by Sena (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:52PM) (new)

Sena | 1 comments coffee - endless cups.

message 11: by Stacy (last edited Aug 25, 2016 02:03PM) (new)

Stacy I'm a big fan of hot cocoa too, along with some cookies.

message 12: by Lisa (last edited Aug 25, 2016 02:04PM) (new)

Lisa Hot coffee and a blanket on the couch if it's winter or iced tea outside on the porch in the summer.

message 13: by Janet (last edited Aug 25, 2016 02:09PM) (new)

Janet | 3 comments Cranberry Juice and Gingerale....great question it made me think

message 14: by Korie (new)

Korie Brown (drbrown) | 24 comments water -- but it has to be ice cold. I pound ice water year round. It's a bit of an obsession for me. When I go to Europe, I don't like to ask for it (typical ugly American!), but I miss it very much.

message 15: by Celeste (new)

Celeste (celestelueck) | 6 comments Iced tea all the way.

message 16: by Mona (new)

Mona | 2 comments It depends on the weather and where I am. :)

Summer, sitting on the front porch- lemonade
Fall, reading in the backyard with the wind blowing- a warm cup of tea
Spring, near the water, or out on the patio-white wine
Winter, near the fire, a warm cup of coffee!
YUM! Great question! :)

message 17: by Kara (new)

Kara A nice cold Coke or ice water with lemons picked off the tree in the back yard! I always have to have somethinhg cold to drink, whether it's winter or summer, so along with the cold drink, hot chocolate or tea is wonderful. :) And mmmm, butterscotch scnapps in the hot chocolate is awesome. It's 100 degrees here and I want hot chocolate now! lol

message 18: by Catamorandi (new)

Catamorandi (wwwgoodreadscomprofilerandi) Unfortunately, I drink a lot more pop than I should, and that is what I drink while I read. That is what I drink for 3/4 of the day.

message 19: by Arthur (new)

Arthur | 8 comments Unfortunately I don't drink coffee while reading my book anymore. Too many spills. But I generally like ice-tea or hot chocolate these days, and I break away for a few minutes or hours and watch the tube away from my reading, etc.

message 20: by Sam (new)

Sam Harkin (sammydeedge) | 3 comments I'd have to say..... a white hot chocolate from Gloria Jeans. It's just soooo creamy, smooth and delicious... and fillling. It fills you with a friendly sort of warmth. yeah....

message 21: by Susan (new)

Susan | 2 comments Peppermint mocha or tea is my favorite.

message 22: by Jim (new)

Jim | 8 comments Valipocella when reading light fun books
Scotch when reading dark mysteries
whatever is the national drink when reading a travelogue or a book set in a certain country- vodka when Russia, sake when Japan
Campari when Italy, Guiness when Ireland etc

message 23: by stormhawk (new)

stormhawk I'm a big coffee drinker, but for particularly contemplative reading nothing beats a nice cup of Jasmine Tea.

message 24: by AL (new)

AL (talblkman) | 2 comments Oooh, I love this topic. For me I enjoy trying out the different types of frozen drinks at the Barnes & Noble Cafe. I'm afraid if I get something hot it'll be cold by the time I remember it's there!

message 25: by Adam (new)

Adam (trustyweasel) | 3 comments Coffee or hot cider. Many good books have taught me to enjoy cold coffee, haha.

message 26: by AL (new)

AL (talblkman) | 2 comments The other day, for the first time I had a glass of wine - I was home and not at the bookstore where I normally read. And it was really cool and relaxing. I liked it a lot. I was worried that I would get tired (wine tires me out) but didn't - I finished my book.

message 27: by Anja (new)

Anja (midigma) | 1 comments I enjoy a cup of hot tea.

message 28: by Carol (new)

Carol | 2 comments I become so Involved in the book I am reading that my warm coffee has turned into iced coffee.

Also enjoy different flavored teas, hot or cold.

message 29: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth (blooodparty) | 4 comments I always feel a hot beverage is appropriate for some reason. Coffee, tea, hot cocoa... but in summer I like to drink iced tea while reading :3

message 30: by LiteraryCat (new)

LiteraryCat | 4 comments It depends on what my mood is. sometimes it is hot chocolate other times it's hot tea. I also enjoy water or iced or some pop. It depends on the time of the year and what I feel like.

message 31: by Schneeweißchen (new)

Schneeweißchen (schneeweisschen) It depends on the weather. In hot weather, I prefer some icecold lemonade or simply water. When it is cold, I love coffee or some fruit tea.

message 32: by Temple (new)

Temple (temple62) Adam wrote: "Coffee or hot cider. Many good books have taught me to enjoy cold coffee, haha."

Lol I'm the same way. I've had lots of cold coffee.

message 33: by Melanie (new)

Melanie (mellydking) | 4 comments Iced sweet tea.

message 34: by Judy (new)

Judy | 9 comments Hot chocolate or tea by the fire place in the winter. Snapple raspberry iced tea or iced cold water with lemon or cucumber on the porch in the summer and fall.

message 35: by Pam (new)

Pam Diet Snapple o crystal light

message 36: by May (new)

May (maysoon-h) | 20 comments Actually... nothing :P
I like to concentrate in the book I'm reading with all my senses :)

message 37: by Tash (new)

Tash Dahling (misstash) Wine. Mostly red, but tonight is white with bubbles.

message 38: by David (new)

David W. | 9 comments Diet Coke

message 39: by Beeb (new)

Beeb (beeb208) | 3 comments Water because if I start with wine. I am done!

message 40: by Larry (new)

Larry | 15 comments Here's a comment. Wonderfully provoked by your own comments, which I enjoy. I'm reading Kerouac's ON THE ROAD, after learning that a long awaited movie adaptation is due this spring or summer. In any event, I read LONESOME TRAVELER maybe 30 years ago. I think some of this one ON THE ... is a bit silly or simple,but some is profound. Have to look through the prism of time, I suppose. I'll keep you posted!

message 41: by Cátia (new)

Cátia  Pereira | 1 comments Hi!!!
I never thought of that..
Coffee,but my luck is that I like cold coffee
or a cup of hot tea.

message 42: by Cornelia (new)

Cornelia (lieselbennet) | 1 comments Hi, Coke or hot chocolate...but if the book is really good, I don't need anything except unlimited time:)

message 43: by Sana'a (new)

Sana'a Abdul latheef | 5 comments maybe milkshakes!

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