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1. if you have to say something say it nicely
2.if ur name is mario and you want to join then be nice!!
3.have fun!!
if you have any questions about the rules or about smoething going on in your life just message me on the discussion board:ask jessica
thanx loads!-jessica louise...moderator

™yourbeautifulnightmaree™ (yourbeautifulnightmaree) | 12 comments hey jessie:)

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Sheeky (sheekster) | 300 comments hi.

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Eric | 13 comments hi

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hey eric!!

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hi jess :)

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lol waz up happi new yr

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nothing rele but i am not at my house....im at my grandmothers house

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oh kool uh my grandma lives with me 4 now she got locked out her house :(

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thts not good

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i kno i feel so weird living with her she tlks when u try to watch tv n u cant hear it all u hear is her tlkin iz so annoyin

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yeah iz amazing how annoying an old lady can b she has no life =[ i feel bad 4 her

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my grandma is like tht 2...and i too feel baad 4 her

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lmfao iz sad lol

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Eric | 13 comments wow people...respect elders?? jk but anyways yeah... it comes w/ old age

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thtz annoying !!! they hve 2 stop ! lol

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really tho stop lol :)

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okay i stopped,happy?

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no i meant my grandma lol

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oh...my fault srry

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iz okay i kno it was confusing lol

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yes:( very

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ooo guess what?

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i have another bf...i miss him too,i wonder if hes thinking about me.

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awww beff i think he would if u 2 just started to go out

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yeah,evry time i talk to him i say what are you doin he says talkin and thinkin about you.

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yea...but he broke up w/ me so...

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oh well

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techno (cyborg) | 357 comments who broke up with who

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Sheeky (sheekster) | 300 comments awww

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jess's boyfriend broke up with her =[

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Sheeky (sheekster) | 300 comments ={

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yeah but it was a while ago lolz by now she most likey has another one

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Sheeky (sheekster) | 300 comments truwe

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techno (cyborg) | 357 comments hehehe under 15 dating that sounds fun where do I sign up hehehI

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