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message 501: by Mercy Emma (new)

Mercy Emma (mercyem) Rowena laughed. "I'm kidding, you goof!" She turned back to him, and grabbed his butterbeer. "You drink this stuff?" She sniffed the glass gingerly, and then quickly withdrew. "Eck."

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Kenna kept her head on the table as she listened to everyone's conversations, wanting to be a part of one with Tess, Caprice, Wren, Jared, Kensey if she was still here, and Jeremy.

message 503: by Mercy Emma (new)

Mercy Emma (mercyem) Rowena leaned against the table. "We are awful at being mad at each other!" Her laughed died down as she saw Charlotte walk in with Bryant, talking to him as if nothing tragic happened, like getting in a fight with her best friend.
Rowena gripped Davion's hand. "Its Charlotte. And Bryant."

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Kenna finnaley looked up at the entering people. She couldn't handle being in here any more. She ran off.

message 505: by Mercy Emma (new)

Mercy Emma (mercyem) ((I have to go too! Byeea))

Rowena sighed. "I can do this. We can do this. We will do this."

message 506: by Mercy Emma (new)

Mercy Emma (mercyem) Charlotte approached the Ravenclaw table, going over what she was going to say in her head. Bryants hand was warm in hers, and she was glad for it. Rowena looked up at them once they were standing next to the table, but they didn't sit down. "Hi." She mumbled, not meeting Charlotte's eyes. "Rowena, look." She started. She glanced at Davion, who was sipping his butterbeer, acting as if he couldn't hear them. "Davion, you don't have to ignore us. You either, Bryant. You're the two who are keeping us from killing each other. You're both a part of this."

message 507: by Mercy Emma (new)

Mercy Emma (mercyem) Charlotte nodded. "I know. We all do."
She looked back to Rowena. "I'm sorry I blew up at you. I know it was wrong. We shouldn't have been arguing in the first place. I just couldn't handle any more stress, I suppose."
She glanced at Bryant, hoping he wouldn't be feeling guilty about anything.

message 508: by Mercy Emma (new)

Mercy Emma (mercyem) Charlotte nodded. "Okay.... But, Bryant.. He can't sit here. He's a Slytherin." She looked at him. He looked so serious, she almost let go of his hand. "Are you okay?"

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Mercy Emma (mercyem) Charlotte sat down and ate quickly. She watched steam swirl from Rowena's teacup. It drifted up towards the ceiling and vanished. She smiled to herself. Rowena had always had a passion for tea. Swallowing, Charlotte looked at Davion and said "So Davion, do you like tea as much as Rowena?"
Before the whole question was even out, Rowena burst out laughed, but she didn't answer for him.

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Mercy Emma (mercyem) Charlotte looked from one to the other. "Uh-huh. Okay." She replied suspiciously, raising her eyebrows. She poured herself a glass or pumpkin juice, took a sip and then looked at Davion. "Rowena hates Butterbeer. I know that for a fact."

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Mercy Emma (mercyem) Charlotte glanced at her food. Would it be rude to shove in another mouthful and let Bryant talk for her? No, he's been through enough already. "Well, it's recent, I guess. I mean.." She glanced at Bryant, unsure how to respond.

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Mercy Emma (mercyem) Rowena looked at Davion and then back to Bryant. "I guess it's recent too. I mean, we just started hanging out a lot.. its a work in progress. We don't always get along." She elbowed Davion, muttering "He's very socially awkward." but grinning.

message 513: by Mercy Emma (new)

Mercy Emma (mercyem) Charlotte looked from one to the other, grinning. "You guys are funny together."
Rowena did a small head bow. "Thank you ever so much. We pretend not to like each other." She laughed, finishing her tea.

message 514: by Mercy Emma (new)

Mercy Emma (mercyem) Rowena pouts. "Well then. I never liked you anyway."
Charlotte smiles to herself. She pushed her empty plate back, and took the last sip of her pumpkin juice. "So, you guys wanna go somewhere else, since none of us are eating anymore?" She asked, glancing at Rowena's empty tea cup, and Davion's nearly polished-off Butterbeer glass.

message 515: by Mercy Emma (new)

Mercy Emma (mercyem) Rowena stood. "Sure... where exactly are we going?" She turned to Charlotte, who had also stood up."
Charlotte thought for a minute. "How about... Well, actually, I'll let one of you decide. You're the ones who have had to put up with us." She gestured to Davion and Bryant.

message 516: by Mercy Emma (new)

Mercy Emma (mercyem) Charlotte shrugged. "Sure. I'm always up for a little adventure." She glanced at Bryant, smiling. Rowena nodded. "Yeah, just a second." she conjured a canister with her wand, and then filled it with tea from the table. Being careful not to spill anything, she carefully screwed the lid on and turned back to the rest of them. "Okay, I'm ready. Davion, don't look at me like that."

((I have to go! Bye. Oh, by the way, I'm going to Vacation from this Saturday to next, so if I'm not on for a while, that's why :))

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Mercy Emma (mercyem) Rowena laughed and stuck out her tongue. "Jerk."
Charlotte frowned for a split second, but it vanished when Bryant gave her a reassuring smile. "Okay." She followed him out of the hall.

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Mercy Emma (mercyem) ((I posted on The Forbidden Forest))

message 519: by Mercy Emma (new)

Mercy Emma (mercyem) ((Lol, Rowena and Davion are in the GH allll the time...))

Rowena walked into the hall with Davion, her stomach grumbling at the aroma of warm food.

message 520: by Mercy Emma (new)

Mercy Emma (mercyem) Rowena shrugged. "I'm not okay, but we don't have to take food to the common room. Unless you really want to." She glanced sideways at Davion, pouring a cup of Chai Tea for herself.

message 521: by Mercy Emma (new)

Mercy Emma (mercyem) Rowena sniffed and nodded. "I know. I'm trying, really I am. How about a game of sorts? They always make me happier." She smiled sadly into her tea, thinking of when her and Nora would play silly games together.

message 522: by Mercy Emma (new)

Mercy Emma (mercyem) She shrugged. "I'm awful at picking things... You deiced." She hated to ask him, but she couldn't think of anything.

message 523: by Mercy Emma (new)

Mercy Emma (mercyem) Rowena shrugged, smiling. "Okay.... I got something. Now, ask away."

message 524: by Mercy Emma (new)

Mercy Emma (mercyem) Rowena was slightly taken aback. "Because.... because you were nice, and I do things without thinking and I'm just generally outgoing.. and.. I don't know." She sputtered, lost and confused.

message 525: by Mercy Emma (new)

Mercy Emma (mercyem) Rowena didn't reply. She just sipped her tea silently. Why did everything have to go wrong? No more crying, She told herself, holding back her emotions.

message 526: by Mercy Emma (new)

Mercy Emma (mercyem) Rowena shook her head and stood up quickly. "You know, maybe the common room is a good idea." She said shakily.

message 527: by Mercy Emma (new)

Mercy Emma (mercyem) ((to the common room :) ))

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Saffron walked into the Great Hall and looked around. It wasn't to full yet. It was only 7:43. Saffron walked to the Ravenclaw table and sat on the egde near the front. She took some toast, eggs, bacon, poured herself some milk, and took some sausage, too. Saffron started eating. After she finished her food she took one last gulp of her milk, which was now warm. The Great Hall was pretty full now. Saffron checked her watch for the 5th time today, it was 8:15. Saffron widened her eyes. Class was going to start in ten minutes and she still needed to finish her Charms essay. Saffron cleared her spot and pulled out her essay. She just needed 15 more words.

The 'Lumos Maxima' spell is very helpful to famose witches and wizards also, not just us.

Saffron smiled at her work and put it in her bag, along with her quil and ink bottle. Saffron checked her watch again. Only 5 more minutes to get to her Potions class. Saffron jumped up and ran to Potions.

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Saffron walked into the Great Hall and looked around again. She watched the students eat happily. There wasn't much room anywhere at the Ravenclaw table, but Saffron wasn't caring about that at the moment. She sat down and started eating hungerly. She ate a sandwitch hungerly and added some egg saled with Pumkin juice. Once she finished she went to the forbidden forest.

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