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Why is your Best friend(s) your best friend(s)?

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Mikaa (otakukissu) | 3 comments Haleigh:
she was my first real friend
we are praticly sisters xD

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because Eco-Girl is the 1st person since 5th grade that always lent me a shoulder to cry on, helped me with HW,acted like my own living, walking diary,didnt care if i was an underdog,and is most RaNd0m3st person ive met!

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нαℓιαηα (thesg) hi tatiana... your the bestest friend you are there and... uh i dont know what i saying i known u since 5 grade : )

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bestest is MY word

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umm, i'm randomly picking one of my friends....

Portia Jade (goodreads name): because she's funny and random like me. also because she doesn't constantly insult me like my friend Lauren. we're both LOCO CABEZAS!!

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Amanda-because she the not childish ( know what I mean), doesn't insult people (kim) cruely (most of the time, andrea for specifics), and we really relate to each other. She got me started on manga for crying out loud! I mean come on! I got her started on twilight, we're even...

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Kitsuyoshi (kyuubi-no-kitsune) | 4 comments she have been with me for as long as i remember. her name is theresa, but i call her shu-chan.

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