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Peeta and Katniss' Kids Names
Christina Christina Feb 04, 2012 09:03AM
What should they be?

I have no clue about the boy, but for the girl, I think it should be Lily. One, because Peeta's favorite color is sunset orange, the color of a tiger lily, and lily is a flower. What about they boy?

I know their real names suzanne collins replied to my tweet asking her and she told me the girl is called willow and the boy is called rye

Genevieve Newton Like the bread! lmao, this is the best thing I have ever read.
Jul 02, 2020 09:21PM

The girl = Rue
the Boy = Finnick

That's what I think. I guess they'll name after those two heroes.

In my fan-fiction i have named the Son, Cinnick, a mixture of Cinna and Finnick, and for her daughter Rose, after Primrose :)

I think you are all being pretty idealistic. I can't imagine Katniss naming her child after someone that reminds her of the war when she spent so much time trying to escape it. Honestly, the farthest I'd go with that is to say that maybe she'd make her daughter's middle name Primrose.

Finn and Rose? IDK

U 25x33
No comment Finn is a good name but considering how much Katniss hates roses, I don't think that would ever be an option ...more
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I think the girl should be called pearl because that is what peeta gave katniss in the quarter quell
The boy should be called Thom
I don't think they should be named after someone who is dead and not rose because katniss becomes scared of them because of snow

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Maybe Finnick for the boy. But definatly not rue or primrose for the girl. Katniss was crushed when they died and I dont think she would contantly want to be reminded of it.

To me I think the girl would be called Hope because of the hope that Peeta gave her and I think the boy would be called Jay which is basically short for Mockingjay

Bagel and Stinkweed?

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The boys name should be Finnick after Finnick odair, katniss and Peeta's freind and the girls name should be hope because president snow quotes in the first book and movie 'hope,is the only thing stronger then fear'

S Jul 02, 2020 01:48PM   0 votes

i really like willow but my personal choices:
Girl: Pearl
Boy: Rye :)

I like the thought of Rue for the girl. But Peeta wasn't that connected to her so maybe something solely for them both would fit better. I like the thought of a flower-esq name for the girl... Lily sounds gorgeous!

I think they should be called Pearl and Jay. Pearl being the "supposed" last gift Peeta gave Katniss in Catching Fire, at the beach. The boy should be called Jay (I think it's pretty obvious) off the end of Mockingjay.

I think the girl should be named Primrose like her sister and the boy Finnick

I think she called the girl, Primrose. And the boy, Gale. That's just my opinion thought, when I first read the epilogue that's the first names that came to mind.

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I like the names Suzzane Collins had for them. ( willow and rye ). They seem right, I don't think Katniss would ever name her kids after any of those other people because it would just make her remember how they passed away.

Suzanne Collins said they're names are Willow and Rye Mellark.

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Suzanne said that it was Rose from Primrose and Nick from Finnick.
I asked about the Willow-Rye-thing, and she said it was just a rumor.

I think the girl should be called Primrose, and the guy Finnick.

I think the girl would have been Chickory and the boy Rye (Chickory is a flower/plant for Katniss and Rye is a bread for Peeta:P)

I think the girl would be prue lily or lily prue. Not sure about the boy maybe something close to cinna but not the same.

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Finnick and Annie,
or [my favorite]
Gale and Rue.

So Rey & Willow !
NICE =D !!

Boy-named after Peeta's father

I’m sorry but...
Girl - Willow ( as soon as I read the end of the book I thought of that)
Boy - Rye or Finn

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Have you ever noticed that the named Evergreen females are plants/flowers and the named Mellark males are bread-related? I think the boy should be named Rye/Ryan definitely and the girl a flower name, though I like Leyah's name Azalea. The girl could also be named Raine, as in rain, as in water, because water is what puts out fire, and the girl child put out the Girl on Fire. I don't think Katniss would want to name them after dead people.

EDIT ON DEC 26th: The girl could easily be named Autumn, because I imagine Peeta to be fond of autumn orange? Also, autumn leaves look like fire.

I like traditional names:
Boy - Nathaniel; Girl - Superfly.

The girl should be Rose (short for Primrose) and the boy should be Peter (sort of like Peeta).

I think the girl should be called Ember (the last embers of the girl on fire), and the boy, Cinna.

The girl could be meadow

I would name them Peetniss and Katneeta

I like Lily or Rose for the girl, and the boy would probably have both Katniss' and Peeta's fathers's names. I don't know.

I thought their kids names should be:
girl- Rue Primrose
boy- Haymitch Cinna

Lily is my name! I think that the boy should be Finnick or something of that nature. Or maybe it is a completely random name, but I think that Katniss is the type of person who would name her kids something that is meaningful to herself and Peeta.

The girl should me Patniss and the Boy should be Keeta!

It could either be a girl's or a boy's name, but what about Ryelie (Riley)? (Reference to Peeta being a baker haha).

I personally think that she would name a child after Cinna, as he had so much of a positive influence on Katniss. Maybe not name the kid Cinna, per se, but a reference to it?

If it's a girl Astra which means star and Katniss always feared the future and probably wishes her children have a better future.
The boy's name would be Xavier which means light.

I would name the girl Prim Rue Mellark and the boy Cinna Odair Mellark

i think the girl should be rose and the boy should be finnick

I think they would name the girl Primrose after her sister and maybe the boy Finnick or after one of Peeta's brothers.

I'm so sorry my first thoughts were Peeniss and Katta.

The girl should be Prim or Rue <3 and the boy Finnick <3
But I like the father idea too :)

I think katniss&Peeta might or might not give their children 2 middle names because especially if she wants that person's memory to live on. I think it might be possible she could of done Williow primrose Rue Mellark for the daughter and then Rye Cinna Finnick mellark or Rye Finnick Katniss's Dad's name.... Something like that. Plus Peeta was close to Prim Not so much Rue but still he probably would of let katniss name their daughter after those two somehow so maybe their children probably have two middle names. And plus katniss's dad's name is never revealed in the series so it would be kind of hard to determine whether or not if katniss&Peeta named their son after katniss's dad in some way.

I think that the girl should be Lily and the boy should be Rye.

Girl = Primose Rue
Boy = Johnathon (father's name) Gale

I don't know if anyone eles cought this but when Jess said that she asked Suzanne Collins and she said Willow for the girl, there is the song deep in the medow. The next line is under a willow.

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I honestly don't think Katniss will name her son Finnick. I think she will name him her father's name for his first name, Cinna for his middle name and obviously Mellark for last name. For her daughter, I can definitely see Primrose Rue Mellark or vise versa.

i think the names willow and rye are nice so yeah

I think that these would be good names for their children:

Boy: Haymitch Cinna Finnick Mellark.
Girl: Rose Rue Madge Mellark.
I know that they both are quite long names but I think they each are meaningful. For the boy Haymitch because he was a bog part of both Katniss and Peeta's lives, Cinna because he was Katniss one true friend and Finnick because he helped Katniss in so many ways. For the girl, Rose because it's short for Primrose and that way Katniss would be able to remember her sister without it being too painful for her, Rue to mark her friendship with Katniss and also to signify the connection between the districts and Madge because she was the one who gave Katniss the mockingjay pin and did care about her as she went to see her before the games.
That's just my opinion though.

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