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footfall by niven and pournelle

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message 1: by Alan (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:41PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Alan possibly the finest novel of alien invasion ever written.

i was cheering for the last 100 pages.

Mark Lawrence entirely possible

me too

David Richards And a good depiction of an alien race as well. I hate non-entity entities. Cannon fodder with no reason for being other than as cannon fodder. In Footfall we have a real race with characters that interact with the humans. And that means that you have to have some sympathy for them when they finally (and uncomprehendingly, because they had already previously won and so can't understand why the war is still going on) lose at the end.

Always have to enjoy Niven.

Banner No body does aliens bettern than Niven.

Georg the first racing through falling and exploding rocks in the dumb fx-fest '2012' can only have been inspired by 'footfall'! it's exactly as i imagined the scene when reading the book. i love niven a lot.

Jennifer where can you start? It is one of those books to keep on your shelf and read every 2 years or so. It's great!!

David Richards I think I would hate to see a Hollywood version of Footfall. To quote Georg, it would be a "dumb fx-fest." Shame really, but they haven't been able to produce a film with an original story, actual plot and realistic characters for some years now. So that would sort of exclude most of Niven's, and many other classic Science-Fiction writer's work.

Michael Pearce The most interesting reason to stage an interstellar war yet: Because we lost a war. I love this book- genuinely alien but plausible aliens, good characters, good story and yes, I cheered for the last 100 pages too. Becoming a tiny bit dated now, but still well worth the read.

Mark Bond Anything by Niven is worth a read, but his biggies like Footfall should be compulsory reading - they are that good!

Globalt38 I loved (and yes cheered too) the launch of the space craft utilizing nuclear pulse drive from the west coast (Seattle?). Adapt and overcome! :)

message 11: by Philip (new) - added it

Philip Sorry to see no mention of Jerry Pournelle in this thread. Larry Niven tends to write the personalities and human bits, and Jerry provides the technology in these books, so I applaud Jerry Pournelle as one of the Sci-Fi greats in this book.

message 12: by Michael (last edited Sep 27, 2013 06:19AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Michael Pearce They actually launched from Bellingham, an hour and a half north of Seattle.

message 13: by Rob (new) - rated it 5 stars

Rob Rowntree Totally agree. Niven and Pournelle manage to pull off some great books together. As for a film - You can see the pitch now, "Baby elephants? No, we can't have that. Can you jazz them up a bit, make'em more scary..." Hollywood - wouldn't know a great story if they ran over one.

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