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how bout Ghery?

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message 1: by Srikanth (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:41PM) (new)

Srikanth (sdrao84) | 1 comments

What do you think? Will this really hurt his image that bad, or is it going to effect the everyday architect more, since they are already being pushed out of the picture?

Anyone at MIT's architecture program currently? I wonder what the scene is like there right now. MIT = Judas??? or is that taking it too far?

message 2: by Tolland (last edited Jul 13, 2008 11:28PM) (new)

Tolland | 2 comments I seriously hope it hurts his image. Is anyone aware here of Gehry's plan with Art Center? The president (of Art Center) is apparently going to put 50 million into a building designed by a school of 1200-1500 students. That's why our tuition rates are off the charts (basically, 15k per term not including rent/food/gas/materials/books. The cost all together? They estimated it to be 27k AT LEAST per term).

And I really, really doubt that it'll effect everyday architecture more or less. I mean, what, so one guy screws up his designs? It just means that THAT guy needs to REALLY put into mind the structural SAFETY of his buildings.

I mean, seriously. MIT=Judas? How about this guy is paid a whole lot of money, the students should get their money's worth. As for Art Center, his building is totally not needed. What's needed is focus on our current facilities that are in EXTREME need of repairs.

I'm getting livid just thinking about it. I would post more but... I really need to study.

message 4: by G (new)

G Cadwalader (schuylerc) | 1 comments It seems to me that the vapidity of Ghery's work is beginning to take hold in the collective conscious, especially with infinitely more interesting and formally compelling work going on in China right now, which is getting tons of press.
Herzong & De Meuron, Foster, OMA, and Hadid seem to be rising to similar levels of fame, minus the growing frequency and legitimacy of complaints (and law suits) that Ghery has to deal with.

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