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Serenity walked down the streets of the town, stopping at all the jewery places. Her mood was not a good one.

Mack-a-doodle & cheese  (mack-a-doodle) | 290 comments (( Hm...... what do you need for character parts? ))

Mack-a-doodle & cheese  (mack-a-doodle) | 290 comments (( OOh! I'll create a prince, that's NOT and airhead! ))

Mack-a-doodle & cheese  (mack-a-doodle) | 290 comments (( Sure. ))

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Serenity looked over and saw Melody croaching beind a cart she had heard the girl needed work. 'Hmm,' she thought.

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Serenity smiled and picked up a beautiful pearl necklace. She quickly set it down. Her mother flashed through her head.

Mack-a-doodle & cheese  (mack-a-doodle) | 290 comments William looked out the window of his carrige. He pulled on the stuffy collar and dreamt of being outside riding his horse through the forest without the regal clothes he had on right now.

Mack-a-doodle & cheese  (mack-a-doodle) | 290 comments Will saw the girl wave but since his father was in the carrige with him he couldn't wave back.
"So father, who are we seeing today?" he asked with fake enthusiasm.

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Mallory (malloryrose17) Lylli sat on a bench in her father's courtyard, and dully stitched a pattern in a piece of cloth. "M'lady, you really ought to move again - you're in the sun," Her lady-in-waiting spoke up. Lylli looked up, "Oh,'re right," She said, a hint of sarcasm in her voice, as she stood and migrated a few feet into the shade.

Mack-a-doodle & cheese  (mack-a-doodle) | 290 comments (( Yes, Will and Lylli will get along very nicely. ))

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Janepage | 283 comments ((Lol!))

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Mallory (malloryrose17) ((:D Yay!))

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Mallory (malloryrose17) ((Which royal family?))

Mack-a-doodle & cheese  (mack-a-doodle) | 290 comments (( Okay, they're all visiting what kingdom for a royal ball? ))

Mack-a-doodle & cheese  (mack-a-doodle) | 290 comments (( Oh........ ))

A Filthy Youth groupie ((good idea!))

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Mallory (malloryrose17) ((*shivers* I love balls! Hmm...idc what kingdom :) ))

Mack-a-doodle & cheese  (mack-a-doodle) | 290 comments (( So why is he in a carriage? Nvmd they're test running it, it has 5 horsepower! ))

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Mallory (malloryrose17) ((YAY! LOL!))

Mack-a-doodle & cheese  (mack-a-doodle) | 290 comments (( Okay hang on a sec. Let me establish things. They're all going ot WILL'S kingdom for a royal ball. (thanksgiving is only in america because of the pilgrims. )))

A Filthy Youth groupie ((I thought Canada had a Thaksgiving too!))

Mack-a-doodle & cheese  (mack-a-doodle) | 290 comments (( gtgs for about 5 mins! my aunt's here! i'll sneak back on though! ))

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Janepage | 283 comments ((Ya but it was earlier))

A Filthy Youth groupie ((Ooooohhhhh.....))

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Mallory (malloryrose17) ((Right-o!))
"M'lady!" A man-servant rushing out cried, waving a piece of parchment around, "You father forgot, you have a ball tonight!" Joy, Lylli thought, but put on a bright smile, "A ball? Oh, how I do love balls! Where is it?" The servant, handed the paper to Lylli, and she quickly skimmed it, "The Benedicts," She said, aloud. "Oh, m'lady, you must wear the blue gown!" Her lady-in-waiting exclaimed. "No, she wore it last time," Another lady spoke up. "Then wear the green one - it matches your eyes." "Very well, the green one will do," Lylli nodded.

A Filthy Youth groupie ((Bye!))

Mack-a-doodle & cheese  (mack-a-doodle) | 290 comments ((( AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! My brain is OVERLOADING!!!!!! ))

A Filthy Youth groupie ((sorry! g2g))

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Mallory (malloryrose17) ((o.O Why...?))

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Mallory (malloryrose17) ((Bye! OJBD!))

Mack-a-doodle & cheese  (mack-a-doodle) | 290 comments (( So it is at Will's ?? ))

Mack-a-doodle & cheese  (mack-a-doodle) | 290 comments (( Bye OJBD! ) )

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Janepage | 283 comments ((Idk...where should my people's live?))

Mack-a-doodle & cheese  (mack-a-doodle) | 290 comments (( I have no clue where Will even lives...... ))

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Mallory (malloryrose17) ((Lylli will live in France *shrugs* And I suppose it's at Will's. That was my understanding...did I get the name wrong? I'll go check at edit :) ))

Mack-a-doodle & cheese  (mack-a-doodle) | 290 comments (( Okay. So he'll live in......... Andilasia!! Jk! He'll live in Germany! ))

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Serenity saw one of the younger servant boys run up to her, "Your highness!" He daid breathlessly, your father wishes for you to return home he needs to speak with you!" Another servant boy came up with Serenitys horse in tow. Serenity sighed and hoped up onto the horse. This would be interesting.

(so whos palace or what ever?))

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Mallory (malloryrose17) ((*whoot*))

Mack-a-doodle & cheese  (mack-a-doodle) | 290 comments (( Will's palace. :D ))

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Mallory (malloryrose17) ((Hm. Let's get the party started, shall we?))

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Janepage | 283 comments ((Ok, can Tristan and Ella live in England?))

Mack-a-doodle & cheese  (mack-a-doodle) | 290 comments Will rolled his eyes, who had ever thought up test riding a carriage? He sighed. The big ball was tonight and he had to know all the names of the Ladies, Lords, Dukes, Dutchesess, Knights, Kings, Queens, Princesses, and other Princes. His head hurt from thinking about it. Luckily thought he would get to see some of his old friends.

Mack-a-doodle & cheese  (mack-a-doodle) | 290 comments (( Yup. Let's say they're already at the palace cause that's a ways away. ))

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Mallory (malloryrose17) Lylli stepped out of her carriage, and looked up at the looming castle, before her lady-in-waiting rushed her inside, because the sun might damage her fair skin.

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Janepage | 283 comments ((Ok!))

Mack-a-doodle & cheese  (mack-a-doodle) | 290 comments (( Wow is Lilli a vampire or something? ))

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Mallory (malloryrose17) ((No. But...if a young lady got too dark of skin, or she got too many freckles, she was considered 'ugly' and was less likely to get married.))

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((Ok so well just say for Serenity that she was shopping at the village at Wills kingdom and thats were she saw Melody.))

Serenity rode to the place her father and her self, along with two of her younger brothers were staying.

"Father!" She called

Mack-a-doodle & cheese  (mack-a-doodle) | 290 comments (( Ah...... ))

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