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fav part from each book (if u can pick one or a couple)
Naomibrooksnaomi Brooks Naomibrooksnaomi Jan 31, 2012 10:21AM
one of mine is when he went submissive on anna and started to open up to her (finally)
and i love the ending in freed

Wow, where do I start? I agree with most of you when Christian dropped to his knees when he thought she was walking out was one of my fav parts. I also loved it when she kicked Jack and then shot Jack as well. I also loved the playful emails to each other. Loved when he stayed in the hospital with her and climbed into bed with her and nurse was annoyed. I loved it when he let her touch him. I loved how bad he felt when she finally said "red" in the red room. I could go on and on...........

Def. agree with you ladies about Holy Shit... Christian, the submissive. OMG when he let her touch him finally I bawled my eyes out for like 20 minutes lol

When they're on the jet to Aspen and "Lelliot" makes fun of Christian because he married his first girlfriend :)

Definitely the bonus material too when we get to see his POV. I would LOVE for her to write the series in his POV. It'll be from a guy's perspective, so maybe she can get really raw and dirty with the sex scenes LOL :)

When they make love for the first time and he says he wants her to be sore so that when she moves she knows that he's been there...only him. I love how possessive he is...maybe because my man is the same way lol

When they go to the ball and she's wearing the silver balls and they go into his childhood room. The auction when Christian spends $100,000 so no one can dance with her and Mia's friend Lily is HATIN'! haha

Loved all 3 books can't wait to see what else is in store.

When Fifty broke down and went sub on Ana...that was heart wrenching. I also loved the bank scene where he told her to just "take it all"--because nothing was worth anything to him without her anymore. Oh BIG SIGH! :D

Floe (TheRandomFlo) I could not agree more Rebecca. THESE LOVELY LADIES HERE DEFINITELY MADE ME FEEL SANE. xx
May 28, 2012 05:29AM

So many, but a couple that pop into my mind are:

- When she touches his chest for the first time after he goes submissive
- When he says his favorite place is inside his wife (swoon)
- When he sends her the text about "how many cosmopolitans...?" in Georgia and she realizes he's there
- The whole "F*** the paperwork" scene and when he gets all turned on because she used his toothbrush
- When he shows up at Escala after the Charlie Tango wreck

I seriously need to stop... I could do this all day!!!

Favorite scene in book one was in the elevator when he goes: "Fuck the paperwork"

Favorite scene in book two...I just liked the masked ball, the whole thing

In book three, I don't know.

There are SO are a few......
- Christian as the sub scene and allowing her to touch him (FSD)
- The e-mail exchange in Georgia (FSG)
- The alley scene from Jose's art exhibit trip (FSD)
- The Christian POV extras ❤

this is tough! so a few parts i can think of are:
when he wore the grey tie to her graduation,
when fifty realized ana's beauty in jose's photos,
and the whole hair cut evening.

i also really enjoyed the book from fifty's point of view, at the end of freed. i had hoped that it would have played out at least through the street, after coffee, when they almost kissed. it would have been fifty's first unplanned and unexpected moment of affection. right?

The hearts and flowers proposal at the boat house
Elena getting smacked by Grace
Yes, Fifty going all sub...I cryed...
I could go on and on, this is one of my all time favorite series, and LOVED the ending!
Oh and Fifty coming to the hardware store, that was so funny (rope and cable ties) I really love his version at the end of Freed.

the part when Anna left Christian because it made him realise his feelings for Anna

I think it was in Bk 2, when he told her his reason for finding dark hair women.
When he finally opened up to her at the end when he entrusted her with his past.
Yes, when he went all Sub on her, that broke my heart, I also thought she had broken him :-(
When Ana was unconscious in the Hospital and she kept hearing Christian so worried about her.
I can write and write and write, there are so many parts I loved!

I loved the scene where he found out she was a virgin and wanted to rectify her situation. LOVED.

I also loved the Christian sub scene, and especially when he finally lets her touch him.

In Freed, the bank scene. I cried hard. The scene in the bathroom in aspen when he took her makeup off.
And in the hospital when he insisted on taking her to pee because his love for her is such that nothing is too awkward for him. But I was with her on the not letting him see her pee. I'm not the type of girl who would be comfortable with that either.

these are 3 of the best parts
Elena getting smacked by Grace
Yes, Fifty going all sub..
Ana kicking Jack in the balls

First was the scene in the boathouse where he proposed to Ana. I think that was sweet, also the way that he had the flowers in there to signify "hearts and flowers". Second was when he knelt to Anna and became the submissive only for her stay and not leave him again. Third one was the Epilogue of Freed when they were in the meadow and Christian was playing with Teddy and they were looking for Anna (a very good family scene).

My favorite scene was as well when Christian went all sub. I couldn't see through the tears but I didn't want to stop reading so it took me longer then usual to read that particular scene.

My favorite part was the first time Fifty said he wanted more which made Ana melt.

Sibylla Matilde ahhh...yes....
May 26, 2012 01:25PM

Am I the only person who absolutely LOVED the scene in the bonus material where we get to see him and Ana in the playroom WHILE she's PREGNANT? (FSF)

The fact that he's still so lustfully attracted (and super caring "are you okay?") to his wife while she's got his baby inside her...he got a million and one points in my book.

I loved when he told Elena off in front of Ana - "you only taught me how to f*vk" That was pretty damn awesome (FSD)

Oh and the last encounter with Leila. That's when Ana finally started showing some real backbone. I actually started clapping when she told him who to go take his frustration out on and not her.

Those are what I can rustle up without making this post extremely

Love reading everyone's comments - my fave part was def when Christian allowed Ana to touch his scars - but who is kidding whom - I loved all three books and read them in record time, meaning its hard to pick one thing...:)

The scene where he finally allows her to touch him. For some reason, I also liked the scene outside SIP after Jack makes a pass at Ana and Christian is lividly reminding her that she was supposed to use her blackberry.

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