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make your characters here:


A Filthy Youth groupie Name: Sahaira
Age: 17
Year: Junior
Gender: Female
Appearance: long, straight, black hair with hot pink highlights, cut in layers with side bangs, bright green eyes, short, skinny
Personality: confident, outgoing, independent, friendly
Crushes/Relationship: none yet
Other: none I can think of right now!

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nice i like your charrie!

A Filthy Youth groupie Thanks!

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yw! ^_^

♥ Sarah ♥  (sarah_aka-me) Name: Haylie
Age: 16 and 1/2
Year: Junior
Gender: Female
Appearance: long and wavy gold hair with brown streaks, (blue, green, brown, gold, crimson and black) colored eyes, skinny
Personality: strong, outgoing, kind, friendly
Crushes/Relationships: we'll see..
Other: 4.0...has lots and lots of friends

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nice! both approved!

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Name: Jade
Age: 17
Year: Junior
Gender: Male
Personality:Quiet, keeps to himself, no one really knows him
Crushes/Relationship: "Apparently no one at this school is good enough for him" no one knows he secretly likes Elena.
Other: Is the starting Quarter Back for the Varsity footbal team

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nice! approved! i love the pic your charries cute!

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you need to make one

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Name: Elena
Age: 17
Year: Juniore
Gender: Female
Appearance: anime Pictures, Images and Photos
Personality: sweet kind funny sometimes shy can vary from time to time
Crushes/Relationship: none yet but is looking
Other: loves to sing and act has had many lead roles in the school plays and has been in drama since junior high

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your welcome! i just did wat u think?

A Filthy Youth groupie Nice character!

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awesome! i like ur pic!

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hehe thanks guys! ^_^

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Daisy Claire and Cleo
Both female
Always together and think practically the same way except for with different intrests
no relationships yet

A Filthy Youth groupie Do they really have rainbow hair?

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nice charries! approved!

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Daisy yes! They do have rainbow hair!

A Filthy Youth groupie Cool! I like them!

Fumphwoog, Lady of all Sorrows (fumphwoog) | 117 comments Name:Xzavier Young
Age: 17
Appearance: Tall, pale, black hair that comes to the shoulders, large brown eyes
Personality: Shy, quite, but is really sweet and thoughtful
Crushes/Relationship: none yet
Other: Likes to write, but is to shy to have anyone read his writing.

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Name: Arabella
Age: 14
Year: she skipped 2 years, so she's a junior.
Gender: female
Appearance: she has long (like elbow length) light brown wavy hair, big dark brown eyes, tall and thin.
Personality: she's very smart, nice, funny, optimistic, outgoing and outspoken, stubborn, competitive, can be argumentitive, she holds grudges.
Crushes/Relationship: none, but she hates blond hair and green eyes and emo guys.
Other: she roller skates.

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The New Maria (emeraldmaria) | 6 comments Name: John Tanar
Age: 17
Year: Junior
Gender: Male
Appearance: looks like zach from all time low.
Personality: happy, outgoing, secretive, flirty (in a guy way).
Crushes/Relationship: shhhh!!!!!!!
Other: he plays the drums and plays baseball.

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