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message 1: by Steph, Road Tripper!! (last edited Feb 04, 2012 09:48PM) (new)

Steph (Angel4492) | 23782 comments Team #8
Captain: Sherri


message 2: by Steph, Road Tripper!! (last edited Jan 30, 2012 06:05PM) (new)

Steph (Angel4492) | 23782 comments Virtual BINGO Card
Shelf names listed are to be filled in top to bottom under each letter listed

1. supernatural
2. re-reads
3. UF
4. vampires
5. favorite author
6. paranormal mystery
7. alpha male
8. *new2you: series
9. *new2you: author
10. PNR
11. fantasy
12. magic
13. Goodreads author
14. *favorite supe
15. angels
16. post-apocalyptic
17. 2011
18. *reader's choice
19. PNR-UF
20. demons
21. scifi romance
22. 5 ✯
23. *favorite series
24. ghosts

message 3: by Steph, Road Tripper!! (last edited Apr 05, 2012 08:35PM) (new)

Steph (Angel4492) | 23782 comments Link to print your own copy: BINGO card

BSB Card

message 4: by Steph, Road Tripper!! (new)

Steph (Angel4492) | 23782 comments . . .

message 5: by Steph, Road Tripper!! (new)

Steph (Angel4492) | 23782 comments . . .

message 6: by Nici (new)

Nici (queennici102) | 627 comments hey lovely ladies! Ready to win bingo?

message 7: by Sherri (last edited Apr 12, 2012 05:39AM) (new)

Sherri | 753 comments Photobucket
Master List
Book Shelf Bingo_All Team Cards
Need Help Chosing a Book? Ask the Magic 8 Ball

Free Space 5/5
Rec'd: 10 Feb 2012

✔Meghan: Paranormalcy (Option 3), 8 Feb 2012, ★★★★ Review
✔Nici: Serpent's Kiss (Option 3), 10 Feb 2012, ★★★★ Review
✔Leslie: Darkness Unbound (Option 2), 9 Feb 2012, ★★★½ Review
✔Barbara: Some Girls Bite (Option 3), 10 Feb 2012, ★★★★ Review
✔Sherri: Drink Deep (Option 3), 5 Feb 2012, ★★★★ Review

Week 1 - B1 Supernatural 5/5
Rec'd: 14 Feb 2012

✔Meghan: Twilight, 14 Feb 2012, ★★★★½ Review
✔Nici: Demonglass, 8 Feb 2012, ★★★½ Review
✔Leslie: Magic Burns, 5 Feb 2012, ★★★★½ Review
✔Barbara: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, 7 Feb 2012, ★★★★ Review
✔Sherri: Jealousy, 7 Feb 2012, ★★½ Review

Week 2 - O24 Ghosts 5/5
Rec'd: 25 Feb 2012

✔Meghan: The Mediator: Volume 1 - Shadowland & Ninth Key, 21 Feb 2012, ★★★★½ Review
✔Nici: Wicked: Witch & Curse, 17 Feb 2012,★★★½ Review
✔Leslie: The Body Finder, 13 Feb 2012, ★★★ Review
✔Barbara: Haunting Beauty, 21 Feb 2012, ★★★★ Review
✔Sherri: Third Grave Dead Ahead,18 Feb 2012, ★★★★ Review

Week 3 - O23 Favorite Series
DIRECT LINK: This is a personal shelf, not a Goodreads' shelf. 5/5
Rec'd: 15 March 2012

✔Meghan: Night World, No. 3: Huntress, Black Dawn, Witchlight, 28 Feb 2012, ★★ ★ ★½ Review
✔Nici: Midnight Enchantment, 19 Feb 2012, ★★★★★ Review
✔Leslie: Deeper Than Midnight, 22 Feb 2012, ★★★★★ Review
✔Barbara: Shadow Heir, 22 Feb 2012, ★★★ Review
✔Sherri: Darkness Rising, 27 Feb 2012, ★★★ ½ Review

Shelf #4 - O20 'demons'
Rec'd: 15 March 2012

✔Meghan: Succubus Blues, 7 March 2012, ★★★ Review
✔Nici: Hunt the Moon, 27 Feb 2012, ★★½ Review
✔Leslie: The Darkest Night, 27 Feb 2012, ★★★½ Review
✔Barbara: The Accidental Demon Slayer, 04 March 2012, ★★★ Review
✔Sherri: Killing Rites, 05 March 2012, ★★★★ Review

Shelf #5 – I10 ‘paranormal romance’
Rec'd: 25 March 2012

✔Meghan: Dark Lover, 23 March 2012, ★★★½ Review
✔Nici: Bitten by Cupid, 07 March 2012, ★★★★ Review
✔Leslie: Darkness Everlasting, 05 March 2012, ★★★½ Review
✔Barbara: Linger 04 March 2012, ★★★ Review
✔Sherri: Awaken the Highland Warrior, 11 March 2012, ★★★ ½ Review

Shelf #6 – '
I6 – ‘paranormal-mystery'
Rec'd: 05 April 2012

✔Meghan: Dead Until Dark, 5 April 2012, ★★★½ Review
✔Nici: The Name of the Star, 15 March 2012, ★★★★ Review
✔Leslie: Darkfever, 15 March 2012, ★★★★ Review
✔Barbara: Ghost of a Chance, 11 March 2012, ★★★ Review
✔Sherri: Shadow Walker, 17 March 2012, ★★★★ ½ Review

Shelf #7 ~ 3/18/12:
N12 - Magic
Rec'd: 4 April 2012

✔Meghan: Daughter of Smoke and Bone, 3 April 2012, ★★★★ Review
✔Nici: Big Bad Wolf, 19 March 2012, ★★★★ Review
✔Leslie: Undone, 21 March 2012, ★★★★½ Review
✔Barbara: Neverwhere , 25 March 2012, ★★ Review
✔Sherri: License to Ensorcell, 21 March 2012, ★★½ Review


message 8: by ★Meghan★ (last edited Feb 03, 2012 10:57AM) (new)

★Meghan★ (starinheaven) | 541 comments Hello ladies! This is the first time I have joined the group and this challenge. Which I joined to try for this challenge.

I live in Colorado USA. It usually takes me about a week to read a book but I am excited about this. I am starting to work on my reviewing skills so this will also help with that too.

I have also picked about 10 books per space so that I have something to work with for each one.

message 9: by Sherri (last edited Apr 04, 2012 12:22PM) (new)

Sherri | 753 comments Master List continued

Shelf #8 ~ 3/25/12
G19 - PNR-UF

Meghan: Darkfever
✔Nici: A Brush of Darkness, 27 March 2012, ★★★★ Review
✔Leslie: Darker After Midnight, 29 March 2012, ★★★★½ Review
✔Barbara: Raziel, 27 March 2012, ★★★ Review
Sherri: Wicked as They Come

Darkfever (Fever, #1) by Karen Marie Moning A Brush of Darkness (Abby Sinclair, #1) by Allison Pang Darker After Midnight (Midnight Breed, #10) by Lara Adrian Raziel (The Fallen, #1) by Kristina Douglas Wicked as They Come (Blud, #1) by Delilah S. Dawson

Shelf #9 ~ 4/1/12
G18 – Readers Choice
DIRECT LINK: This is a personal shelf, not a Goodreads shelf, 3/5

✔Meghan: The Girl in the Clockwork Collar, 3 April 2012, ★★★★★ Review
Nici: Silent Night
✔Leslie: Magic Bleeds, 3 April 2012, ★★★★★ Review
✔Barbara: Bridge of Dreams, 1 April 2012, ★★★★ Review
Sherri: The Night Is Mine

The Girl in the Clockwork Collar (Steampunk Chronicles, #2) by Kady Cross Silent Night (includes In Death, #7.5) by J.D. Robb Magic Bleeds (Kate Daniels, #4) by Ilona Andrews Bridge of Dreams (Ephemera, #3) by Anne Bishop The Night Is Mine (The Night Stalkers, #1) by M.L. Buchman

message 10: by Barbara ★ (last edited Feb 03, 2012 06:23PM) (new)

Barbara ★ Hi ladies. I'm from New Jersey USA and this is the first time I've joined the game. Looking forward to the challenge of choosing books and getting everything read on time.

I haven't yet figured out which books for which square yet but I'm working on it.

I'm not terribly creative so my suggestions for a team name will be lame:
Book Pirates
Booky Chicks
Book Ladies
Bingo Babes
Booky Babes
Reading Ladies

ETA: took me almost 3 hours but I have selections ready to go for all categories!

message 11: by Nici (new)

Nici (queennici102) | 627 comments How about the crazy eights? I am nici and am in iowa

message 12: by ★Meghan★ (new)

★Meghan★ (starinheaven) | 541 comments I am horrible with figuring out I think I will let you ladies come up with that one.

message 13: by Sherri (last edited Feb 04, 2012 06:26PM) (new)

Sherri | 753 comments Hi Barbara, Nici and Meghan! Are you guys getting excited.! I know I am. Always do at the beginning off the game (month 4 is a bit different). :-)

As far as team names, I like the Crazy Eights / Bingo Babes / Book Bingo Babes.

My task today is to try and track down a book to read for my free spot, as I like to get that spot read really early in the game. Since its the center spot it fills in the card and creates a lot of Bingo opportunities. For those that have not played you will see previous players getting that book read very early in the game. So if you haven't planned on what you are reading for that one, or even planned on when you were going to read that one, you should plan on trying to read that one early.

So looking at the posts we have had almost everyone check in and so far we are all located in the US. Steph is in Japan and she announces the shelf on Sunday (her time), that has been late Saturday nights or first thing Sunday mornings for me here in Michigan. So I make it a point to try and check during that time for the shelf announcement.

Here's our team!!
Nici - Iowa
Meghan - Colorado
Barbara - New Jersey
Sherri - Michigan
Leslie - Louisiana

Nici, have you played before? I think I remember you in the last game and the captain should probably be someone who has been through the game before. I don't mind doing it since it is mostly collecting and reposting the book info and reviews. I'm would not be the ra ra type of captain though, LOL! So if anyone is a great team cheerleader, IMO you are welcome to bring it on. Just let us know Nici, if you want to do it.

message 14: by Sherri (new)

Sherri | 753 comments Oh, forgot to add that I think I sent friend requests to everyone who has posted so far.

message 15: by Nici (new)

Nici (queennici102) | 627 comments I have played before, and I love it. I really would not like to be the captain, however I am good at cheerleading :) so I will volunteer to do some RA RA Ras!
I have picked my free spot book already, I am super excited to read it.

message 16: by ~Leslie~ (new)

~Leslie~ (akareadingmachine) | 1224 comments Hello to all, I am checking in. I live in Shreveport, LA though I'm from New Orleans (katrina). I have never played before and I am totally confused as to how this works. I do alot of challenges and am really excited to play this. As to names, I'm okay with Crazy Eights or Bingo Babes. I have a really dumb question:

Do we read the same book?

Looking forward to playing.

message 17: by Sherri (last edited Feb 04, 2012 07:52AM) (new)

Sherri | 753 comments Hi Leslie! Great question. No, we do not all read the same book. The great thing about Bingo is that YOU choose the book that you read (and you can also use it in other challenges as a selection).

Perhaps the best way to describe how it works is to go through an example. I'll use a shelf that is NOT part of the SOS challenge to avoid any confusions. Say the shelf called is Contemporary Romance

There are a couple of ways to find out what book is on the shelf. First, you can click on the shelf link and a listing of the 18,000+ books with that tag will appear. Then you have to scroll through the pages to find a book.

A second way of finding a book is to pick a book that you want to read and then search the genres to see if its on the list. To do this go to the book you want to look at. Let's say I have How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf. So I go to that book, and on the right had side, fairly near the top of the page you will see a box titled "GENRES." The top 10 shelves are listed right there. If the shelf is not there click on the GENRES title. That will take you to the pages of all the titles. The quickest way to find out if that book is on the shelf is to do a search (Ctrl+f) and type Contemporary Romance is your search box (locaation will vary for the browser you are using). For How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf there are 25 persons that have that book tagged with Contemporary Romance. I should note that you need to do the search on each of the pages, it will not search all of them at once (which would be really nice).

Once you know what book you are going to use, come back here and post something like

I will be reading How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf for the Contemporary Romance Shelf.

You can even add the picture if you want. How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf (Naked Werewolf, #1) by Molly Harper If you haven't added book links before, when you are adding your comments in the comments box there is a "add book/author" link above the box. Click on that and add your book title and press enter and then slections will pop up. Select either book link or book cover at the bottom of the selection box and then click add next to your title.

That is all to selecting your book. It's easier than it sounds and once you have been through it, you will be a pro.

Hopefully that helps the newbies!

message 18: by ~Leslie~ (new)

~Leslie~ (akareadingmachine) | 1224 comments Sherri wrote: "Hi Leslie! Great question. No, we do not all read the same book. The great thing about Bingo is that YOU choose the book that you read (and you can also use it in other challenges as a selection)..."

Thanks, Sherri! That answered my question perfectly. I have alot of books that I read for other challenges, so this works great.

message 19: by ★Meghan★ (new)

★Meghan★ (starinheaven) | 541 comments What about Eight Ball Bingo Babes?

Haha We can even add the Crazy in the front. Great way to mix them all.

message 20: by Barbara ★ (new)

Barbara ★ WOW Sherri, you should definitely be our captain! Who else would have known how to search the Genre folder? I certainly couldn't figure out how to search the lists yesterday. Thanks!!

message 21: by ~Leslie~ (new)

~Leslie~ (akareadingmachine) | 1224 comments ★Meghan★ wrote: "What about Eight Ball Bingo Babes?

Haha We can even add the Crazy in the front. Great way to mix them all."

I think that's a great idea! And I'm all for Sherri being captain.

message 22: by ~Leslie~ (last edited Feb 06, 2012 10:12AM) (new)

~Leslie~ (akareadingmachine) | 1224 comments I figured out what I was reading for my free space spot.

Option 2: Darkness Unbound

Supernatural: Magic Burns 2/5/12 ****1/2 stars
This is the second in the Kate Daniels series and it is just as gritty and intriguing as the first. The world building in this series is so complex and strange and sometimes downright weird and disgusting, but always enthralling. Kate continues with her relationship with Curran and that is the only thing that keeps it from being a 5 star read for me. In this story she has to protect a young teenage girl and encounters gods from celtic mythology who have crossed into the world. Lots of fighting and funny dialogue and action.

message 23: by ★Meghan★ (new)

★Meghan★ (starinheaven) | 541 comments Me three for Sherri being CAP-I-TAN!!!! I am getting so impatient waiting for the first shelf announcement.

message 24: by ★Meghan★ (new)

★Meghan★ (starinheaven) | 541 comments Just so everyone knows I am getting my room ready for a late night reading to start on my FREE SPACE book.

message 25: by Judithe, Soap Operas never end.... (new)

Judithe | 5992 comments Good morning, ladies! Just a heads up for ya, Steph has posted the first shelf on the shelf announcements thread~pop over to get the direct link to "supernatural"! Happy reading!

message 26: by ★Meghan★ (new)

★Meghan★ (starinheaven) | 541 comments Thanks Judithe!!!

I have picked a couple of books.

Free Space: Paranormalcy by Kiersten White (option 3)

Supernatural: Twilight (Twilight, #1) by Stephenie Meyer

I am re-reading Twilight since the last time I read it was more than 2 years ago.

message 27: by Sherri (new)

Sherri | 753 comments Woo Hoo. First shelf is up and it is Supernatural!

Thanks for the votes ladies and I would be pleased to help out doing the captain thing with Nici and the rest of you cheerleading!

Here is the link to the Supernatual shelf, so once you'vve selected your book go ahead and post them here.

I'll do a master post under my fisrt post so it will be near the top. Post #7.

message 28: by Sherri (new)

Sherri | 753 comments My supernatural shelf selection is Jealousy

Still trying to figure out my free cell.

message 29: by Sherri (new)

Sherri | 753 comments I vote for Eight Ball Bingo Babes (or EB3 for typing ease) ;-)

message 30: by Nici (new)

Nici (queennici102) | 627 comments Sherri, i like the name. and whooo hoo we have a shelf! i haven't even looked at it yet, but my free space shelf is going to be Serpent's Kiss

message 31: by Nici (new)

Nici (queennici102) | 627 comments and for the supernatural shelf i will be reading Demonglass. ohhh i am excited!!!!!! i love bingo!

message 32: by Judithe, Soap Operas never end.... (new)

Judithe | 5992 comments Congrats on captainship, Sherri!

message 33: by Sherri (new)

Sherri | 753 comments Thanks Judithe!

OK, I will be reading Drink Deep for my free space shelf. I've been putting it off, but I guess now is the time to do it!

I think I've got everyone's selections to here. Off to do some reading before bed.

message 34: by Barbara ★ (last edited Feb 06, 2012 03:04PM) (new)

Barbara ★ Free Space: Some Girls Bite (from group bookshelf)

Supernatural: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

message 35: by Barbara ★ (new)

Barbara ★ How about Crazy Eight Bingo Babes?

message 36: by ~Leslie~ (new)

~Leslie~ (akareadingmachine) | 1224 comments Barbara wrote: "How about Crazy Eight Bingo Babes?

Works for me!

message 37: by Sherri (new)

Sherri | 753 comments Looks like the team name has been narrowed down to 2 names. so one last time for voting.

Eight Ball Bingo Babes


Crazy Eights Bingo Babes

So post yor vote and we will have a team name.

message 38: by ~Leslie~ (last edited Feb 05, 2012 07:19PM) (new)

~Leslie~ (akareadingmachine) | 1224 comments Crazy Eights bingo babes.

Updated Post #22.

message 39: by Barbara ★ (new)

Barbara ★ I vote for Crazy Eights Bingo Babes!

message 40: by Nici (new)

Nici (queennici102) | 627 comments I vote for crazy eight bingo babes!

message 41: by ★Meghan★ (new)

★Meghan★ (starinheaven) | 541 comments I am fine with whatever name we have! So I think it looks like Crazy Eight Bingo Babes it is!

message 42: by Sherri (new)

Sherri | 753 comments LOL! It does look like we are officially the Crazy Eights Bingo Babes.

message 43: by ~Leslie~ (new)

~Leslie~ (akareadingmachine) | 1224 comments RAH!!! RAH!!! ( I am being a good cheerleader)

message 44: by Nici (new)

Nici (queennici102) | 627 comments Has everyone started their supernatural book of choice?

message 45: by ~Leslie~ (new)

~Leslie~ (akareadingmachine) | 1224 comments Nici wrote: "Has everyone started their supernatural book of choice?"

I finished my supernatural choice and will be reading my free space choice on Wed. Isn't this where we are supposed to post our reviews and ratings? Or am I crazy? (wouldn't that be fitting!)

message 46: by Nici (new)

Nici (queennici102) | 627 comments Yep, post them here

message 47: by Sherri (new)

Sherri | 753 comments Evening C8's Bingo Babes! I've finished my free cell book and need to write up my review. I can say, I'm torn about this one. Not sure about what I going to say. So many twists and turns hard to write the review without spoiling the series for otehrs.

I'm working my way through Jealousy and I'm a little under 1/2 done. Probably a couple of dsys to finish.

message 48: by Nici (new)

Nici (queennici102) | 627 comments Sherri, I am looking forward toreading that series, I would love to hear your thoughts on it

message 49: by Sherri (last edited Feb 07, 2012 06:57PM) (new)

Sherri | 753 comments Thanks Nici. I really love this series and if you haven't started it I would recommend it. We'll have to see what Barbara thinks of Some Girl Bites, which is the first book in the series.

Here is my review for Drink Deep.

Drink Deep (Chicagoland Vampires, #5) by Chloe Neill

Drink Deep by Chloe Neill
Book Completed: February 5, 2012
Rating: ★★★★

After Hard Bitten’s cliffhanger I was reluctant to begin Drink Deep. I was curious which direction Ms Neill would take with it, but at the same time apprehensive that what I had loved about the Chicagoland Vampires Series; the cast of characters and action packed storylines, would be ruined by that ending. But I was wrong and I am so happy that I was.

First of all, let me say that writing a review for Drink Deep is really hard. There are so many twists and turns that keep the reader engaged, that to putting them in a review would spoil the reading experience, and I really hate that. I can say that I continue to enjoy Merit as the main character. She is one of my favorite female characters. Not to say she is without faults, but her loyalty and devotion to her friends is refreshing to see. Her character development as a vampire has been a roller coaster but in Drink Deep I feel that she enters her stride. In the previous books she has relied on her friends and her master to affect her decisions, whereas in Drink Deep, she begins to take the lead and is confident enough to stand up for her beliefs.

The cast of secondary characters continues to add to the story and the introduction of Jonah just enriched the cast. If Merit is my favorite female character, Jonah may be my favorite male one. I love his personality and his personality is a perfect foil for Merit’s.

The pacing was a bit slow in the beginning as Merit struggles to deal with the fallout from Hard Bitten. There isn’t much action in the first part of the book, but once the apocalyptic events begin the story becomes flies. I think the problems I had in the book’s beginning were more related to Frank Cabot. I really didn’t like him and wanted anyone to kill him, but he does serve the purpose of moving the story in an interesting direction and sets up the storyline for Biting Cold, the next in the series. Drink Deep does exhibit some of those storyline transitions that often happen when one plot is wrapped up and the next phase needs to be introduced but overall it is a great read and handled with a deft hand.

message 50: by ★Meghan★ (new)

★Meghan★ (starinheaven) | 541 comments I am about 50 pages into both of my books. Not bad considering had to spend "boyfriend time" Saturday. Worked 13 hours shift Sunday and working another one tonight. I will keep trying to work on them this week. I am supposed to be off tomorrow and Wednesday, but we will see how it looks.

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