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Who is going to die?

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Aurora The description talks about "the end of the road for some beloved characters." I take it to mean that some people are going to die. Who do you think it's going to be?

And all I have to say is that he better not kill off Puck, or else I'm going to give him a piece of my mind. And my fist.

Isabel There's no way Sabrina or Puck will die. For some reason, I'm thinking Daphne might, though. And Jake. And possibly Relda. If Jake does die, it'll be really dramatic.

So, yeah... That's what I think.

Piza Riza i don't want any of them to die!!!!

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Hattie S-R None of them should die!!! its too unfair if they get this far into the series only to die...
No way am i gonna allow it if they kill of Puck and Sabrina or Daphne!!! Or Uncle Jake becauses hes seriously punk rcok!!
I feel that Granny Relda is going to die though im not sure why :/

Piza Riza ive just read the book. thankfully none of the grimm family dies. But a close friend of theris is going to die.:(

Breanna Mr. Seven dies.
Relda lives till the end but in the chapter where it's 13 years later, you find out she died

Aurora Yeah, but Relda was old in the end anyway, and didn't die in the book, like wasn't murdered.

Redridinghoodkinslow Well, I already have the book so I would like to know if you guys want me to tell you who died or not.

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