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message 1: by Robin (last edited Jun 05, 2009 03:59AM) (new)

Robin (RobinSullivan) | 1002 comments The Crown Conspiracy by Michael J. Sullivan (Fantasy Adventure)
ISBN: 978-0980003437 / 0980003431 (Aspirations Media Inc, Oct 2008)
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They killed the king. They pinned it on two men. They chose poorly.
Royce Melborn, a skilled thief, and his mercenary partner, Hadrian Blackwater make a profitable living carrying out dangerous assignments for conspiring nobles until they become the unwitting scapegoats in a plot to murder the king. Sentenced to death, they have only one way out…and so begins this epic tale of treachery and adventure, sword fighting and magic, myth and legend. The writing style focuses on characters and plot rather than verbose world building. This first book of the Riyria Revelations is a heroic adventure written for adult readers yet suitable for those 13 and older.

2009 National Indie Excellence Book Award Finalist
2008 ReaderViews Literary Award Finalist
2008 Fantasy Book Critic Notable Indie
2008 Adventure Writers Competition, 5th place
2007 Foreword Magazine Book of the Year Finalist for Fantasy

"The Crown Conspiracy is right up my alley, traditional fantasy, "good" bad guys, a large dose of humor, lots of character development and plenty of surprises."Fantasy Debut

"Michael J. Sullivan has written a book I will read over and over again and it most definitely will always reside on my favorite’s shelf."ReaderViews

"There is so many layers to this story that to explain it in a few words is nigh impossible."Front Street Reviews

"The Crown Conspiracy is great fun and a romp end to end...Highly recommended and another positive surprise for 2008."Fantasy Book Critic

"A fast paced and riveting fantasy, "The Crown Conspiracy" is well worth reading." Midwest Book Review

The Crown Conspiracy is book one of the multi-book saga: The Riyria Revelations. Instead of a string of sequels this six-book fantasy series was conceived as a single epic tale divided into individual episodes. All were written before the first was released so that plot elements are intertwined, yet each is self-contained and can be read independently from each other. The second book Avempartha was released April 2009. The third book Nyphron Rising will be released October 2009.

The Crown Conspiracy Cover


message 2: by Jane (new)

Jane (jane_jones) | 51 comments Wave...As I mentioned my friend Meghan highly recommended this to me. I might have to wait for December though so I can use it for "new author" in the Winter Challenge. - HA HA

message 3: by Jackie (new)

Jackie (TheNightOwl) Hi Robin,

I just added your husband's book to my TBR list. It sounds really interesting!

message 4: by Epee (new)

Epee (Epers) This is just sheer spam.

message 5: by Heather (new)

Heather Epee, I appreciate your enthusiasm to protect our group from "spammers." But, I feel the need to defend Robin. She is an active member of this group and this particular thread was designed for active members to promote their books, websites, etc. So, this is okay. However, feel free to go after the true spammers who just leave one message and never return to our wonderful group :-)

Robin, I can't say I'm much of a fantasy fiction person, but I have recommendeded The Crown Conspiracy to several friends who do like the genre. Also, I have several students (9th graders) who like fantasy literature...would this book be appropriate for them?

message 6: by Robin (last edited Feb 25, 2009 07:14AM) (new)

Robin (RobinSullivan) | 1002 comments Thanks for the defense Heather...Epee - This folder was made exactly for this type of promotion. Lori has asked for one post per book so as various things happen this post does get longer but to follow Lori's rules I can't make another one.

message 7: by Robin (new)

Robin (RobinSullivan) | 1002 comments As to age appopriateness of "The Crown Conspiracy". It was more or less written for my 13 year old daughter. Who is no longer 13 ;-p. There is no sex and only minor violence that is not graphic in any way. So yes I think it is very appopriate for 9th graders. But I'm not an expert. This is a portion of one of the reviews from a professional reviewer who definitely knows the market more than I do....The questionable job of the hereos is that they are thieves by trade.

"As far as age appropriateness, there is violence however it is not overly descriptive, there are prostitutes but their job is never detailed and then there are the questionable jobs of our heroes. I would say that this is probably readable by the 12 and up crew, however I would read it first to determine if it would be okay for your specific 12 year old. I would guess that by 15-16 they would be capable of fully enjoying the intrigue that is entailed. Again I highly recommend this book." -- Odyssey Reviews

Wife of GR author: Michael J. Sullivan | The Crown Conspiracy (10/08) | Avempartha (04/09)

message 8: by Heather (new)

Heather Thanks for the info Robin! I'll pick up the book at some point for my classroom library. Oddly enough, it seems to be okay to have violence in literature, but not sex. Luckily, most of my students know what's appropriate for them and what's not. Of course, most parents are just happy to see 9th graders reading!

message 9: by Vicki (new)

Vicki Hi Robin, the book looks interesting. I am going to add it to my next Amazon order!

message 10: by Robin (last edited Feb 25, 2009 07:14AM) (new)

Robin (RobinSullivan) | 1002 comments Hey Heather and Vicki -- Thanks so much - you guys made my day!! I'm really excited now because I'm meeting people who have read the book - even if it were not written by my husband I still would love it - and especially the series that when it is all said and done I think is FANTASTIC. I'm going out to dinner tomorrow with the only other person who has read book 6 but myself and I can't wait to hear what he thinks about it.

You must let me know what you think -- good badk or indifferent after you read them!

Thanks again for all your support.

message 11: by Robin (last edited Feb 22, 2009 03:49AM) (new)

message 12: by Laura (new)

Laura | 56 comments Congrats Robin! I'm glad the response has been so positive.

message 13: by Kellie (new)

Kellie (acountkel) | 992 comments Robin,
I think you are a great contributor to this group and I am so happy for the positive responses you have been getting on your husbands book!
How exciting!!
This is not a genre I normally read but I may just pick up this book and give it a try!

message 14: by Robin (new)

Robin (RobinSullivan) | 1002 comments Laura wrote: "Congrats Robin! I'm glad the response has been so positive."

Thanks Laura -- It is nice to find "independent validation". When I read my husband's work I try to be as "objective as possible" and in fact there have been some things that I was less than impressed with that he revised that made the book much stronger. But even though on an intellectual level you think others will enjoy you really don't know for sure until you start hearing from others. That's one of the reasons I love GR I hear from people that I would not normally hear from relating to the book.

I know that reading tastes are very subjective - just look at how many books we see where some people just love and others hate. And I know I'll eventually get that "bad review" that will break my heart. But for now I'm riding a wave of euphoria because I've not had a bad review yet and I'll ride that wave as long as I can and prepare for the inevitable negative response. But then again hopefully when it does show up I'll realize that there are plenty of books that people disagree on and try not to take it too hard. I'm sure I'll be more devistated then my husband - he has a much different perspective on his work than I do.


message 15: by Kellie (new)

Kellie (acountkel) | 992 comments Wow Robin, that is great!
I'm going to put this on my wishlist.
How cool is it that people are chosing it in bookclubs!!

Does your husband have a blog or a site somewhere? This book means more just because I've gotten to know you. It's almost like you wrote the book too! LOL.

message 16: by Robin (last edited Feb 22, 2009 03:55AM) (new)

Robin (RobinSullivan) | 1002 comments Hey Kellie

Lol - Well I did "beta test" and a bit of editing - but its his baby through and through -- So I guess there are parts of me in there somewhere.

He doesn't blog - though he should - and maybe sometime soon
Michael has a blog now

There are a few forums to keep up on the book - one is right here on Good reads the other on Yuku

GoodReads Group
Discussion Forum

As to the book clubs - Ya he's already done 3 6 in person, and is scheduled for an online one here on GoodReads. He also has 2 more more scheduled and is winning a poll for another GoodReads monthly read.

He went to them and talked about the book and how it came into being then they asked a bunch of questions - some of which he refuses to answer due to the "series" aspect of the book - it was fun for him and I think they enjoyed it to. I know I'd love to question an author on a book when I read it for a group since we sometimes disagree on what the author's motivation was etc.

I'm glad you are looking into the book - The reviews have been positive enough that people don't just have to take my word for it.

message 17: by Fiona (new)

Fiona (bookcoop) I looked for it in Waterstones but alas, it was not there. :( I presume it would be in the adult section? Checked out the YA section too just in case but it weren't there! Boooooo.

I hope you continue to get good reviews Robin - you must be very proud.

message 18: by Robin (new)

Robin (RobinSullivan) | 1002 comments "Where" it shows up is an item of contention between me and the publisher. It is suppose to be in Adult Fantasy but most of the times I find it in Adult Fiction - there was an error in categorizing the ISBN that he says is fixed but I usually find it in the wrong section.

Fiona - actually I would have been floored if you told me Waterstones had it on the shelf - his is a "small press" and usually shelf space is very limited. The book is "in the system" so given the title/author or ISBN: ISBN: 978-0980003437 / 0980003431 it can be ordered and delivered in a few days. I know quite a few people form the UK who have purchased it but not entirely sure from where - although I would suspect a lot are getting it from

And yes -- I'm very proud .... and thanks for looking for it!

message 19: by Robin (last edited Dec 23, 2008 06:47PM) (new)

Robin (RobinSullivan) | 1002 comments Waterstones does carry it..And so does Amazon - both the same price £7.99

Waterstone's Link | Amazon's Link

message 20: by Fiona (new)

Fiona (bookcoop) I found it in Waterstones website... I was just hoping it'd be in store.

message 21: by Robin (new)

Robin (RobinSullivan) | 1002 comments Last weekend was our best "book club" meeting ever. The woman who set it up was so good to us.

First, she had me setup a link where the members could buy the book directly from us instead of Amazon/Bookstores which puts significantly more money in our pockets (these venues take 40 - 60% off the top)

Second, when the group vote tied between his book and "Water for Elephants" she broke the tie by choosing his book.

Third, She sent an email several emails to all 412 members that really helped to drive "pre-meeting" sales.

It was a "sold out" crowd - and we had peope on the wait list that weren't able to attend. Eveeryone liked the book and is looking forward to the next.

Lastly, She even bought both of our lunches! How nice was that.

It was a great day for us.

message 22: by Robin (last edited Jan 31, 2009 11:07PM) (new)

Robin (RobinSullivan) | 1002 comments Just wanted to let people know that Michael J. Sullivan's book The Crown Conspiracy was picked as the March read by Goodread's Group Fantasy Book Club .

I'm offering a discounted (17% off $9.95) signed copy that can be bought from this link .

Please join the group and participate in the discussion in April.


message 23: by Robin (new)

Robin (RobinSullivan) | 1002 comments Just got an email that The Crown Conspiracy has been selected as a semi-finalist for the 2009 ReaderViews Annual Literary Awards in the Fantasy Category

message 24: by Robin (new)

Robin (RobinSullivan) | 1002 comments Another book club here on GoodReads voted Michael's The Crown Conspiracy for their monthly read. In April both of these group will be reading it:

Scifi and Fantasy Book Club

Fantasy Book Club

Come one over and join the discusssions ;-)

message 25: by Robin (new)

Robin (RobinSullivan) | 1002 comments Two recent reviews were outstanding - I couldn't ask for better....Please check them out and send a comment to the reviewer if you like what you see:

Spectulative Fiction Junkie
King of the Nerds

message 26: by Robin (new)

Robin (RobinSullivan) | 1002 comments In the June 30th posting on Dark Wolf's Fantasy Reviews Mihai took a look back over the readings so far in 2009. His conclusion about 2009 so far:

"I’ll be honest and say that in its majority it was a good year so far."

Mihai took stock of the 23 books that he has read and reviewed he noted the following as his top 5:

1. Gunpowder by Joe Hill
2. Twelve by Jasper Kent
3. Yellow Blue Tibia by Adam Roberts
4. Hater by David Moody
5. The Crown Conspiracy by Michael J. Sullivan

In last place, but not bad for a little book from a small press and a first time author. You can read his full posting by clicking here.

message 27: by Sara (new)

Sara (thecrazygal) | 649 comments It wasn't at my local library (or available from another, I guess). But I shall get it when 'tis. ^^

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