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introduction and a poem

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message 1: by Conrad (new)

Conrad Hello everyone!

I've just joined 'A Place for Poets' and I look forward to writing with you here.

I am owner of an Internet poetry group 'VenusAtDusk'. Among the themes explored there are spirituality, mysticism, nature and ontology. I welcome verses in both Western and Eastern forms.

Visit us at link below:

Here's an autumn piece I just finished.

"Between me and Autumn"

A chestnut encircled with leaf
squats in dirt And the squirrel tail robust enough
to sweep down hard on it, after a rain,
is gentle also

A spot of blue between the clouds
moves the mayfly more than the deviant bee, or ant
on whom a matchstick's a Cosmos carried
back to his home

Wasps bear the husks of their dead
Clouds that drop a forepaw close to lake waters
will billow like thick curling thoughts,
powdery in a way

roan squirrel tails can never be
A red-bulbed sun looks down frostily on us all,
with a glazed, a restless countenance
And chokeberries drop

©Conrad DiDiodato 2008

message 2: by Soul-jurney (new)

Soul-jurney | 7 comments I really liked that one alot...

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