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Sonia Jarmula If any of you thought that I spelt "favourite" incorrectly, please excuse me, I spell everything the Canadian way.
I really loved the trilogy and find that despite the fact that the books were translated from German to English, they were beautifully written. Funke had some amazing descriptions throughout the trilogy, what is your favourite description or piece of dialogue in Inkheart?

awash i liked the description when meggie was going to read at the end !
ifelt that i was in her place :)

Hold_My_Heart (Rachel) I like the description of Gwin, and the descriptions of the Arabian Nights.

Sonia Jarmula Same here, Awash, I loved that! The entire description of that part was great, when Capricorn's weapon was killed.
Yes, Gwin I could perfectly see in my mind!
I loved how she described Mo's voice when he was reading Arabian Nights, I clearly got a picture of how he brought in the sand and heat and everything.
I loooooooved the description of Elinor's library. I so wanted to be there!

awash ya , her library imean her kids !
that was amazing , :)

Sonia Jarmula The unicorn door, the enormous bookshelves, the tables with the books... *sigh*

Gerd There's a part towards the end when Tinker Bell leaves Dustfinger, about how faeries are blissed with a short memory, loved that.

Also every moment between Meggie and her father.

Sonia Jarmula In Inkspell, Mo thinks this wonderfully written thought, about when he realized Meggie is gone and his heart feels heavy and he wonders why it doesn't stop beating. So moving!

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