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Do Stephen King's books (or the way they're worded,) seem random to you?

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message 1: by Cara (last edited Nov 22, 2008 04:39PM) (new) - added it

Cara When I read 'Salem's lot, It seemed very random. He jumped from one thing to the next, and I was confused at times. 'Christine' and 'the mist' are pretty much the only ones I enjoyed, even if in the least.

Ryan Schneider Hmm. Interesting. Can't really say I've ever had that experience or thought while reading him.

Steve Certainly not! The only time I really had no clue to what he was doing was Dreamcatcher (which is the one he did after the accident...took him awhile to get his mojo back beyond The Dark Tower):

Thane YES!! I've felt that because he is SO big he can pretty much publish whatever he wants, no editor will tell him to cut anything that doesn't fit or drags down a story. It feels like one can sometimes tell what he did during the day he wrote a passage in a book. For example, in "IT!" there was a part where a minor character goes shopping and then to the bank where he has to wait on line then has a rude teller. It went on for a few pages and had nothing to do with any part of the plot or character development. It seemed to me that King had been running errands the day he wrote it and had a bad experience at the bank. He then came home and wrote about it in the book just to vent. We've all had days like that but damn, keep it out of the book....

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♥Glitter in the Air♥   Thane wrote: "YES!! I've felt that because he is SO big he can pretty much publish whatever he wants, no editor will tell him to cut anything that doesn't fit or drags down a story. It feels like one can sometim..."

Well if Stephen King is just publishing whatever he wants, he is doing a mighty good job of it. Hundreds if not thousands of people read and enjoy his books every years so obviously what he is doing isn't to horrible. As for the book IT and the character you talk about. Not every page can be filled with horror and thrills and you well be surprised to find this happens more often then you like. Many authors do the same thing, so it can't be that much of a bore because I have never heard anyone else complain about it. Now that is just the way Stephen King writes, he adds a lot of detail even if you don't realize what exactly the point is, and I would advice you not to read any of his other books if you are going to complain about him 'rambling' as you may think he is.

message 6: by Lynn (last edited Sep 23, 2011 04:17PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lynn I don't know about random but I love Stephen King, in fact, most of the books I've read have been by him. However, lately I've been having the feeling that he's not as great as he used to be. His older works are amazing and "keep you up all night" creepy but his newer books seem more mellow and less frightening. It might just be me though. Part of the reason that I love his books are because of how much detail he goes into. He makes his fictional world seem realistic and then he plops you down right in the center of it and makes you face whatever evil is lurking there.

Lisa he is not random. and no....i've never felt he was jumping around. if you don't get him, then you just don't. both his writing and his stories are pretty amazing. period.

message 8: by Nancy (last edited Sep 23, 2011 10:54PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Nancy Boone No I have never considered his writing as random or that he was jumping around. He does go into alot of detail but that is the way his stories work. I do agree that his older works tended to be more "creepy" and usually more gory. But I like his newer work too. Maybe I am getting more mellow as I age too.

S.P. It takes a lot of work to write a coherent and scary story with a natural tone, a story which seems to unfold on its own. The style of King's writing is loose and familiar, and often colloquial. There is much more control to his writing than is apparent at first glance.

Nicholas Metz I think Stephen King is one of the best writers I've ever read. He does jump around a little, but he just writes stuff as it would happen. Which I think is one of the things that makes him great.

Amanda No I've never thought that about King. I think he is a fantastically gifted writer.


Martha I think he is an exceptional author! I haven't read anything of his recently, but what I have read, has been great!

William Malmborg He is a great writer. Sure, he jumps around from character to character in some of his books, but if one is really paying attention to what they are reading and has a memory span that goes beyond a few sentences, it shouldn't be hard to follow. Now, if someone were to take several months to read one of his books and let a lot of time pass between chapters, then I can see an issue developing, but that shouldn't be considered a writer problem.

Tracy In some novels he may jump around a little, but to me things have always sorta come full-circle in one way or another. He is one of my favorite writers. Anytime I need a good scare he's who I turn to.

Nora aka Diva I think at times his writing does seem a bit random but usually later in the book it comes together and the parts that seemed random click into place, if that makes sense to anyone other than me. lol

Tracy I haven't noticed much "jumping around" in his writing. I really enjoy most of his books with the exception of Dolores Claiborne since it was written in accent and was very hard to follow/decipher for me(I started that one in HS but was unable to finish, I keep telling myself I have to go back and finish it since the movie is one of my favorites, my English teacher at the time was reading it as well and she said she had to force herself to finish it as well).

Lostshadows No, his writing has never seemed that way to me.

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Nyie Rombeng maybe,but it's make everybody want more again from stephen kings book''s so mysterious thing!!!

Robert Smith ♥Glitter in the Air♥ wrote: "Thane wrote: "YES!! I've felt that because he is SO big he can pretty much publish whatever he wants, no editor will tell him to cut anything that doesn't fit or drags down a story. It feels like o..."

Kinda agree with Thane here. I think he does better when he keeps a tighter focus on one or two characters. For instance It is a brilliant book about being a kid (very few better than King when it comes to a child's point of view) but it would been even more so at half characters and half the length. The only one of his, of the one's I've read, that I think benefited from so many multiple characters was Needful Things.
By the way I'm about a third of the way through Doctor Sleep and really enjoying it.

Papaphilly The man has written 55 novels and over 200 short stories. Some of them are bound to wander. I have no doubt that he experiments and not all is a home run. Even when I feel a particular novel is not one of his better books, I always enjoy them. I do not see his style as disjointed. If you want to see disjointed, look to Peter Straub. Excellent writer, but jumps all over the place and it works. BTW the disjointed style is a method employed to keep a reader off balance.

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