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What is one ..... There will be spoilers!!!

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Delphina What is one thing you about this book???

I literally cried when I read the song he wrote about her and I am not a sappy sort of gal.

Genney Blass The love he had for her, from the moment, he met her eyes.


Jenna I do agree, i liked his song for her, but it didn't keep me from abandoning the book. It was just SOOOOO SLOW and the physical parts were rather too detailed and x-rated. One minute it was "I can't live without you" and the next "It's best if we're just friends". So frustrating. I skipped to the very end and read the end and honestly, i didn't miss that much. They first met in real life AT THE END! What a waste of book. Besides, it was just confusing and the character develpoment was poorly written and could have been done better by a 9 year old. :( Sorry.

Debby I really liked this book. My favorite part of the book was the connection between them, especially when they first saw one another in person at the club where his band was playing. I have started reading the 2nd book, Exhale, and I am looking for to the 3rd book that should be coming out by the end of the year.

Debbi Kendall is an excellent writer... sucks in the reader and makes them want more when the book is over. What I liked best about the book is even though it is fantasy, the emotion and reaction of the main charaters was as I would see them in real life. I did have a problem when I started the book and got to chapter 5 and decided I obviously missed something... so I did what I NEVER do and I started the book again! I am so glad I did... excellent story line, excellent main character and subs... couldn't wait to start book 2 (I'm now reading book 3)!! lol

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