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Amazon is going away as a data source

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Mahlon wrote: "Christa, I downloaded the Kindle for PC app. How/where do I find the book's filename?


If you have whispersync turned on, K4PC will sync your archive. This can take a few minutes after you start K4PC the first time.

(If you don't have whispersync turned on in your account, you'll have to go the the Amazon "Manage My Kindle" page and "deliver to my..." to K4PC for that book.)

Once the books show up in your archive, double click the archive book to download it. Then, go to "My Documents" > "My Kindle Content" in Windows explorer. There you'll find the file and can get the ASIN from the name.

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I suggest a new thread about finding ASINs in Kindle books you own, so people might actually see it.

Actually, I'm going to close this behemoth of a thread, now that the deadline has come and gone. Feel free to start new threads as needed.

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