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Who's your favorite character?

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BubblesTheMonkey In the Uglies series, who's your favorite character? Mine would have to be Zane, I think. Or David.

Deondra I liked Zane too, but probably Tally.

Casey Tally all the way.

Melissa Oliver I LOVE ZANE. He was such an interesting character. Apparently a lot of people didn't like him, and I don't understand why.

Caitlyn Gray Tally

BubblesTheMonkey I like Zane cause he is all mysterious and I like the way they "remade" him, with his extremely arched brows and dark hair.

Allie Totally Zane!

Elena Zane. And Tally. In the beginning, I found Zane kind of boring, but then I started loving him. he was so true. :')

katnissbraid. In the whole series i think David, i've always found Zane strange, weird something in him never really impressed me. I don't know what.

Darlene David :) No matter what Tally looked like, no matter how many physical changes she went through, he always saw her as just Tally. I love that.

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Zane. I'd like to think I would be like him if I got prettified.

Rachel Wahlin I really liked Zane because he is so sweet but I think that David is much better for Tally.

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Mia Definitely Shay:)

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Emma Brady I clearly like David...:)

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Pamela Tally. She'a the best. Zane is pretty awesome too!!

Madisyn W. I think Shay and Tally are pretty cool!!! wait, no, Shay, Tally and Zane are AWESOME!!!!! :D

message 18: by Amy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Amy Zane, Tally then Shay.

Allie Tally

Allie or Shay

Missy Shay, Zane and Tally I wish there was a book from Shay's Point of View

Monique  david tally and for some reason FAUSTO!!!

Novie Chryss Zane all the way! And a little bit of Shay (well she did things that kind of made the story more interesting). I liked Tally just because she's the protagonist in the story.

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Livy I like david.....I used to like shau but at the end of uglies i started hating her.

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Livy Oops shay not shau.

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