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message 1: by Night~light (new)

Night~light | 13 comments Mod
(:Let's talk about books...:)
~~We're here for this, aren't we?~~
Everyone can talk for every book which is in her/him mind in the moment. And let's share opinions.
P.S. The idea for the book-club is brilliant so we must do it :P

message 2: by Theodore (last edited Nov 21, 2008 04:10PM) (new)

Theodore (guttlessking) | 5 comments Oh, well.. I am reading the Arch of Triumph and I am obsessed by it. It's unimagable how someone can write about so many things, to discribe the life in such a complex way and at the very same time to be so close to us, so real.. But mainly that what amazes me is the main character - so strong, sober-minded, so lonely and tired... a surgeon, an alcoholic, a cynic.
He lives in Paris, on the eve of the Second World War. As an illegal emigrant he can't perform operations freely, and is forced to work against the law, for people,arrogant, intolerant and overbearing, who use him for his skills. He knows that,but he doesnt care. His past is full with pain and terror from World War one...
This is the man that we get to know through this book - this man, invisible for the eyes of night Paris and overcasted by the Arch of Triumph.

message 3: by Rumi (new)

Rumi (mijiturka) | 8 comments I wish Teddy would sometimes write reviews on what he reads and NOT delete them. XD
Anyway, about the book club - I guess we're not organized enough to do it in real life right now, but why not start off with this group? Let's determine a book for May, read it, and then make a huge discussion about it. The mere thought makes me excited already XD
So, does anybody have a suggestion on which book we could read? Hope it's not something TOO long ;D
P.S. If you'd like, we could lead the discussion in Bulgarian, if you think that would inspire you better. :P

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