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message 1: by Muzzlehatch (new)

Muzzlehatch | 15 comments Anybody collect these? Only a fraction of them would count as "pulp" I suppose, though a couple of the most important writers from the era - Lovecraft and CA Smith - are well-represented. I have most of them now, still looking for a few of them; I love the covers, especially those done by Gervasio Gallardo, and really my first exposure to "high fantasy" came through these books or other Ballantine books that were associated with the series -- Tolkien and Peake in particular. I'm not a big fan of Lin Carter's fiction, but all fantasy fans have to be forever in his debt for this series and the progress it helped to make towards the popularity the genre has today.

message 2: by Steven (new)

Steven Harbin (StevenHarbin) | 86 comments Mod
I have a few, wish I had kept more of those I had years ago. Ballantine Books (mostly through Lin Carter's edited series of adult fantasy as you mention) was my first exposure to Clark Ashton Smith, James Branch Cabell, and Lord Dunsany just to mention a few of my favorites. I certainly think any mention of both Ballantine/Adult Fantasy/Lin Carter and any of the authors that line featured is more than appropriate for this group. Even if many of the authors printed aren't part of the "pulp magazine" writers or era, their influence was massive on the pulp writers and readers.
Just a few examples that spring to mind are Lord Dunsany on Lovecraft, Cabell and Smith on Fritz Leiber and later on Jack Vance (both of whom got their start as the pulps were winding down).

I belong to a couple of Robert E. Howard discussion groups on yahoo, where Lin Carter is fairly routinely put down, but I agree with you that regardless of what one thinks or his fiction overall or his Conan pastiches, that all of us who love fantasy are in his debt.

message 3: by Hotspur (new)

Hotspur (HotspurOT) | 5 comments Didn't Ballantine republish Seabury Quinn in the 70s? I have a few of those.

message 4: by Jim, Co-moderator (new)

Jim (JimMacLachlan) | 234 comments Mod
Lin Carter certainly wouldn't rank high on my list of writers, but his books were fun for a teen. Jandar of Callisto was OK & Under the Green Star was kind of neat. He edited the 'Flashing Swords' series, didn't he? That was good.

He was a much better editor & collaborator than writer on his own, IMO. He collaborated on King Kull with L. Sprague De Camp, to finish the partial stories that Robert E. Howard left & I liked that version much better than the later one that left it alone. That pair did some other good Conan books too.

The Ballentine books I remember the best (not sure if their part of the adult fantasy) were the Tarzan & Barsoom series by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

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